Sorry if that upsets your sensibility but it’s true.

People are selfish. They don’t care about your title or training. They only care about themselves, which means the only thing they want from you are results.

Yet most of us spend our careers working our way to the point where we feel confident calling ourselves an expert.

And that’s the key – confidence.

Because what really matters at the end of the day is – can you confidently give me the result I desire?

Whether your a research analyst, a house cleaner, or a CEO, all I want to know is if you can solve my problem.

If you’re confident you can, I’m in. If you’re not sure, I’ll look somewhere else. Because I want you to reassure me. I want to know that you know you have this.

I don’t care you got a degree on the subject. I don’t care if you spent 10 years working on it or just discovered the solution last week. I just want to know if you’re able to fix the inconvenient, painful problem I’m facing right now.

Which is why I didn’t hire a coach who has all the technical skills. I hired a woman who used to be like me and then I watched her – over the period of a month – sky rocket to where I want to be. Has she been there long? Nope. Does she have it all figured out? Definitely not. But she just did something I want to do and I want to know how.

I’m not saying it’s easy to be on the other end of this though. 

Of course, as consumers, we all want to feel safe that the people we rely on and turn to for help can actually help us.

But as providers, it’s a whole different story.

You have to feel confident in your abilities. You have to find your line – over which you feel ready and under which you’re scared shitless.

Everybody’s line is different. This is a notorious fact in business – men feel confident acting with far less information and preparation than women. I see this truth playing out in myself and my female online entrepreneur friends daily.

In fact, I spent the whole weekend wrestling with my own line. A coach friend of mine convinced me on Saturday to offer an online training on how to make videos.

If you’ve seen my videos, you know – I’m no expert! But I’ve spent over a year learning and experimenting with equipment and techniques and feel like I have a pretty good handle on the best practices and how to get started.

But the thought of advertising these skills terrified me! 

Who am I to teach people about video? What if a “real” video expert saw it? What if someone watched one of my over-exposed videos with choppy editing and called me a fraud?

All valid points. All points that can be cured with a bit of perspective and confidence.

Because the people who need the information and solution I have DON’T CARE if I’ve made my whole business in video. They JUST want to know if I can solve their problem – getting started in video. And I can.

So I’m hosting a 90-minute online training on Friday and I’ll share what I know works and doesn’t based on my experience. (Check it out here:

Because that’s all that matters.

If there’s someone you could help – if there’s something you know how to do – stop second guessing your qualifications and abilities. No one wants your resume. They want YOU and your solution.

Be free, be brave, be YOU!