I see a lot of people online asking things like “What’s your favorite spiritual tool?“. My answer is simple, and it can be yours too – the breath.
You need nothing else.
Your breath brings you into the present moment, connects you with your body, and sidles you up next to your deepest pain, fears, and shame.
Alone, it can shift the nervous system from long-held patterns caused by trauma and fear towards lasting states of ease, bliss, and calm.
It is with you every moment of every day, and you can use it in secret without anyone ever knowing.
Not to mention, the breath is your literal connection to the world around you and to Life itself.
Yoga teaches that when the breath is free-flowing and healthy, you in turn are also in perfect health.
I suspect it’s true.
We came built-in with our own salvation, and you get ~23,000 chances to start again each day.
All other practices are just a way of procrastinating from being here now with yourself – breathing in and breathing out.
Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!

p.s. If you’re looking for way to get started with your breath, I highly recommend these two programs. In each one, I guide you through gentle, yet powerfully effective breathing techniques to calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, and restore your sense of well-being. 
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