It’s a new day, new week, and new opportunity to open to all that life makes available to you!

Does reading that make you want to roll your eyes and order a second coffee, this time with extra sugar?

Me too.

Because as inspiring as the truth is – and it is true that you can have, be, and do anything you want – it can feel like pressure to always have to live up to your highest ideals.

Sometimes it just feels easier to skate by doing what’s expected and struggling with “normal” people issues like money, time, and exhaustion.

Who has the energy to meditate, create masterpieces, and smile all day anyway?

I get it.

But there’s got to be a happy medium between the expansive soul-stirring potential you feel inside and the day-to-day grind you’re stuck in.

Doesn’t there??

Here’s what I’ve found: take baby steps.

You’ve heard it said that the Great Wall wasn’t built in a day and I’ll add that neither were great leaders, books, works of art, businesses, or relationships.

Everything takes time to develop and mature, including your skills, emotions, and wisdom.

You are a work in progress.

Which doesn’t mean that you’re broken, less-than, or falling behind. Instead it means you get the moment-by-moment opportunity to choose again.

Wish you were kinder? Let someone merge in traffic.
Want to be remembered as generous? Spend 1 extra minute attentively listening today.

Who you want to be isn’t a monumental destination. It’s a small decision about how you feel right now.

The trick is to remember your highest intention during your otherwise very average days.

Try reminding yourself of how you most want to feel by taping a few key words to your computer, dashboard, or bathroom mirror. Listen to uplifting books in the car or read a few inspiring quotes each night before bed.

I use an app that chimes up to 25 times per day. Each time I hear the bell, I repeat my affirmation to help me keep my intention front of mind.

Remember, no one (except your ego) expects you to be perfect. Start small and do one thing right now – maybe just a smile or deep breath – to feel how you most want to feel.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!


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