Wisdom Wednesdays

Welcome to my podcast Wisdom Wednesday: Everyday Wisdom from Extraordinary People! I ask successful entrepreneurs for a piece of advice that has influenced their personal or professional growth, so that we can learn and be inspired too! These to-the-point interviews aim to arm you with actionable advice you can use right away in your business and life.

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Episode 44 – Trust Beyond Fear – Arabelle YeeArabelle+Y+_MG_2183
Arabelle Yee is the Women’s Leadership Coach and speaker, who works with women across the globe to step up and step into their personal leadership. A trained Clinical Psychotherapist, Holographic NLP Practitioner, Time-line Practitioner and also the founder of Collective Alchemy, she believes that women are world-bridgers with untapped and limitless potential to impact in the world on a large scale. Arabelle is also the co-­founder of Wisdom & Miracle Women’s Leadership and Sisterhood Movement for ambitious women who are on a mission in life. Learn more about Arabelle and her work HERE.


Episode 43 – Sacred Branding – Mike IameleMike Iamele
Mike Iamele is an international writer, clinical herbalist, business coach, and author of Enough Already: Create Success on Your Own Terms (Conari Press 2015). He specializes in helping entrepreneurs redefine and create success on their own terms to turn their passions into thriving businesses. After recovering from a debilitating illness, Mike gave up his high-powered public relations career to find his own version of love, success, and happiness. As a regular contributor to national publications, as well as through his own personal blog, Mike has encouraged millions of people to create success on their own terms. Learn more about Mike and join the Circle HERE.


Episode 42 – Easing Into Alignment – Anne Perry
Anne Perry headshot high resAnne Perry believes we get to invent our life (and career). After spending years burdened by debt and suffocating jobs, Anne was determined to escape the hamster wheel life and leave a trail for others like her. Despite massive self-doubt (and not knowing what she was doing), she eventually carved her own path to freedom and became a work-from anywhere entrepreneur – running her business from the beaches of Belize, from islands off the coast of Panama, and while traveling around the United States in a motorhome.

She has since founded Business Heroine – a magazine, media platform, and training company dedicated to empowering emerging entrepreneurs to break free of the mold and create life according to their own design. When asked how she became a magazine editor and CEO, Anne willingly shares her secret: “I just made it up.”

Heroines & Heros – Subscribe to the magazine for free at BusinessHeroineMagazine.com. And, if you have a business dream that you are ready to get out of your head and bring into the world now, apply to work with Anne Perry personally HERE.


Episode 41 – Leaving & Letting Go – Sarai JohnsonSarai

Sailor-Tongued Change Agent Sarai Johnson is a purveyor of nonprofit wisdom and best-selling author. Her latest project focuses on the challenges of quitting, leaving, and letting go. Her recent article available here, sparked a conversation about how to navigate change, including what it takes, how to find bottom, and what you do once you get there. Be part of Sarai’s latest project and share your story at http://www.leaveinlove.com/


Episode 40 – Embody Health – Valerie Bisharat
View More: http://bethanymichaelaphoto.pass.us/val
Valerie Bisharat is a Food and Body Issues Specialist, health writer, and entrepreneur who helps women live a healthy lifestyle without dieting or feeling guilty. She’s the creator of Nourish – the online program helping you end your food guilt, live healthy, and never diet again. A certified personal trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist, Valerie graduated from NYU, where she researched the relationship between fitness media and body insecurities in the population. Learn more about Valerie at http://www.valeriebisharat.com/ and join her community of inspired women HERE.


Episode 39 – Be You – Celia Ward-Wallace
Celia Ward-Wallace is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur + Soulful Business Coach who leads women to discover their purpose, identify their core values, and create a soulfully aligned online business. She’s on a mission to empower one billion women, one at a time, to stand fully in their power, manifest their greatness and live a life of meaning and impact. Celia’s forward-thinking methodology focuses on the intersection of money + meaning, business + self-care, action + receiving, strategy + soul and community building + collaboration. Learn more about Celia HERE and join her FREE online mastermind group, “The Super Fly Society” HERE.


Episode 38 – Give Generously – Jordana Jaffe
Facebook strategist Jordana Jaffe teaches women entrepreneurs who are introverts or homebodies how to create their own super engaged Facebook group. After successfully creating her own group out of sheer passion and desire for a community, she discovered a need for down-to-earth advice on how to relate & succeed online.

Jordana also teaches women how to successfully participate in other groups so that they can grow their online community and get clients while staying at home in their cozy pjs. Learn more about her and how to build your Facebook group HERE.


Episode 37 – True Humility – Hanna Bier
Hanna Bier is a Mentor-Masterclass certified Life Coach and Emotional Healing Specialist. She helps gifted creatives get out of their own way by healing their emotions, so they can finally feel good and realize their big visions.

Hanna is also the founder of Free Spirited Life Coaching and has been featured in the elephant journal, Over The Moon Magazine and The Numinous. Adventurous by nature, she realized early on that baggage is optional but your winning your inner game is mandatory. Learn more about her work and grab her White Light Healing Meditation HERE. You can also check out the song she mentioned here.


Episode 36 – Finding Resonance – Lindsay PeraLindsay-Pera-5064-web

Lindsay wants to live in a world where appreciation flows freely, kids play outdoors and lemons are in season year round. As a Mystic mama, tech entrepreneur and wellness “Inspirer-in-Chief” she’s a sought after contributor and motivator on all topics health, healing and transformation. When she is not extolling the virtues of self-tracking or “Resonance” based business, you can find her knocking almonds and generally getting her gratitude on. Lindsay’s new paradigm business community, The Mystic’s Society, is a safe haven for entrepreneurs weaving magic into their *work* in the world. Find out more about Lindsay’s private consulting at Lindsaypera.com or join in the magic HERE.


Episode 35 – Courage to Open & Surrender – Alexis Saloutos

AleAlexisxis is a Certified Nutritionist and founder of Chakredy™ Vibrational Remedies and the Chakredy™ System. Her unique system of energetic assessment helps you identify and prioritize energetic imbalances, so that you can heal, develop your intuition, and open to your highest potential. As a practitioner, the Chakredy™ System helps you weave together your diverse skills and apply your many gifts in a focused, systematic way that will help you connect the dots even more powerfully for your clients.

I personally use Chakredy™ Vibrational Remedies and highly recommend them. The results I’ve experienced are nothing short of miraculous. Plus, if you’re a yoga teacher, coach, or in the health and wellness field – check out Alexis’ Chakredy™ System practitioner training. There’s nothing like it and you’re clients will thank you. You can learn more about Alexis and the System HERE.


Episode 34 – Fear Comes First – Deana WelchDeana Head Shot March 2015

Energetic Advisor Deana Welch knows how to help you move forward so you can live your purpose. Deeply intuitive, she provides energetic support and healing to soul-based entrepreneurs and their projects. She’s like a solidly-anchored cornerstone of clarity for those who want to discover their Soul Purpose and do what they came here to do. Learn more about her work HERE.




Episode 33 – Unapologetic Perseverance – Krisha Youngkrisha

Krisha Young detests diets. An unapologetic food nerd, she turned her own life around by putting food before pharma and going with her gut. Literally. Krisha created the Fuck Dieting program to reclaim, re-frame and tame the power of the plate. Her world is an insta-smug free zone. (No kale was harmed in the writing of this bio…) Check her out and join her free 14-day challenge to eat healthy and feel good HERE.


Episode 32 – Choose Your Beliefs – Louise Botwright7

Louise Botwright is a success strategist, spiritual teacher, author & transformational coach. Using a combination of psychology & spirituality, Louise teaches passionate entrepreneurs how to connect to themselves on a deeper level, smash through their limitations, overcome limiting beliefs and stare fear in the face, so they can go out into the world in a much bigger way, touch a million hearts, change a million lives & make a million dollars in the process. Join her Spiritual Millionaire tribe and learn more about Louise HERE.


Episode 31 – Trust Your Genius – Phoebe Fazio

PhoebeReiki Master and Sound Healing Practitioner Phoebe Fazio uses her own voice to channel sounds and transform people’s lives. Her Sound Washings help release emotional and physical pain and enable spiritual awakening.

In addition to teaching others to use their voices for healing, Phoebe offers a special program for women diagnosed with breast cancer to gift them healing through the power of sound and the writing. Learn more about freeing your voice HERE.


Episode 30 – Drop Into Your Heart – Karolyn McKinley

K McKinley headshotKarolyn McKinley MS, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist, spiritual coach, and life alchemist. Through her unique combination of traditional and non-traditional practices, she helps you make fear your biggest ally, so that you can create a life you truly love. Working with Karolyn, you get the benefits of straight-up therapy and coaching, plus the more spiritually-based methods like mindfulness, dreamwork, shamanic practices, and energy healing. She also does incredible work to clear beliefs and patterns imprinted on you by previous generations – I tried it myself and the results were amazing. Check out her work HERE and join her at the upcoming BeGreat! Conference October 23-25 in Seattle. Learn more and register HERE.


Episode 30 – Sacrifice Inflexibility – Molly Knight FordeRJ head shot

Molly Knight Forde is a professional classical pianist, international spiritual mentor, and founder of the Awareness School. She teaches you how to find personal freedom by practicing mindfulness and using wisdom techniques throughout your life, not just when you’re seated on the meditation cushion. As founder of the Awareness School, she teaches the Art of Self Observation and has been facilitating global retreats, courses, and providing one-to-one mentoring for over 15 years. Learn more about Molly HERE and join her at the upcoming BeGreat! Conference by clicking here: www.begreatcon.com.


Episode 29 – Don’t Be Jane Wayne – Dori Ransom

DoriDori Ransom is the Founder and Director of the BeGreat! Conference (it’s coming up in October & I’ll be speaking!). She has years of leadership experience and has co-produced numerous conferences, workshops, and retreats. A published author, dynamic life coach, and powerhouse speaker, Dori believes that anything is possible with the right skill-set and support from one’s tribe. Everyone needs a little help to shine your brightest – Dori shows you how to blaze your trail as a powerful business woman who is not afraid to pull in spirituality as one of your superpowers! Learn more about the Conference and register at www.begreatcon.com


Episode 28 – You Are How You Feel – Dawn K Gibson

Dawn 89 Pink TopDawn K. Gibson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psycho-spiritual Counselor who helps you BE the woman you want your daughter to become. Building on her background in body-centered therapy, she’s helped hundreds of women heal generational patterns they don’t want to pass down, create deeper connections with their children and partners, and become more grounded and spiritually connected during motherhood. Dawn’s unique approach integrates body-centering techniques, divine feminine dance (Qoya), mindfulness, ritual, and ceremony into an effective blend to help you transform. Check out her free course for moms – 8 Days to Heart-Centered Receiving HERE. You can also see Dawn live at the BeGreat conference in Seattle, October 23-25, 2015. Learn more here: www.begreatcon.com


Episode 27 – Your Business is NOT You – Tay & Val

Tay-and-Val-Headshot---200pxAward-winning filmmakers, Tay and Val are spiritual teachers and soul coaches disguised as master storytellers. They help people align their soul’s calling with their life’s work so that their business can thrive on success and prosperity with ease and grace. More than that, they are living examples for us all – they cycled and traveled across the globe bringing their movement of dreams inspiring dreams to thousands. From the TedEx stage to 1:1 coaching, they empower others to be who they truly want to be. Sign up for your complimentary 45-minute session here: http://taynval.com/begreat/. You can also check them out live at the upcoming BeGreat Conference in Seattle. Your business will thank you.


Episode 26 – Start in Your Head – Tara Leductara_HJP3871

Tara Leduc is a peace creator. From inner peace to world peace, she leads peace, teaches peace, and creates peace, all with a generous helping of laughter. Her personal journeys – both literal and figurative – have shaped her unique worldview and inspired her to create One Minute of World Peace, a global movement to embody what peace means to you. Find Tara at the upcoming Be Great! Conference October 23-25 in Seattle, on her website TaraLeduc.com, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/1MinuteofWorldPeace.


Episode 25 – Own Your And – Lisa FraleyScreen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.22.55 PM

Lisa Fraley is a Legal Coach® and Attorney, whose unique approach to the law is gaining her a cult following of spiritual entrepreneurs. Lisa believes that legal protections cover you both practically and energetically and she aligns each of the 7 key legal steps that most growing business need with the 7 chakras. Cool, right? If blending your skills and talents into a coherent business is proving tricky, then listen as Lisa describes the key advice that helped her to blend corporate Attorney with coach and spiritual teacher. You can check out her course here: www.lisafraley.com


Episode 24 – Share Your Story – Angela W. StillwellAngela

Angela is the founder of Untapped Strengths and creator of Vulnerability Warrior. She combines almost three decades in sales, marketing, business development, consulting and coaching, with her greatest teacher – life. As Sigmund Freud said, “out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.” Angela helps others discover their untapped strengths so they can share their stories in a way that builds lasting relationships and gets clients. Learn more about Angela and check out her upcoming program here: www.untappedstrengths.com


Episode 23 – Your Hero Story – Steph Ritz

steph ritzWriting coach Steph Ritz shares the most important step you can take to owning your value as a hero, expert, and leader in your field. Make sure to listen at 12:40 when she brings her message home about how your stories impact your business.

Steph’s upcoming retreat combines her talent for facilitating programs and her years of experience as a published writer and ghostwriter, so that you can finally share your story to help others and build your business. Learn more about the retreat HERE and connect with Steph on her website here.


Episode 22 – Are Your Mentors Gurus or Poo-rus? – Bushra Azhar

BushraPersuasion Strategist Bushra Azhar knows a thing or two about sales. As the leader of the Persuasion Revolution, she brings together her stellar background and passion for social psychology to teach tiny business owners to persuade, negotiate, and influence. Bushra is one of the most inspiring, playful, and influential rising online business stars, so if you don’t know her yet, you soon will. In this interview, she shares one of the keys to her success – which is guaranteed to help you too. After you listen, join her lively Facebook group 60 Second Persuasion HERE and start improving your persuasion skills at http://www.thepersuasionrevolution.com


Episode 21 – Get Over Yourself – Jenn Scalia

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.53.24 PMAs a Visibility Coach and Business Strategist, Jenn Scalia helps online entrepreneurs get noticed so they can increase their bottom line. In this interview, she shares three pieces of advice that helped her go from online anonymity to a fully-booked coaching business. Plus she’s booked with dream clients she loves! Having known her “before”, “during” and now – I’ve seen how Jenn transformed her own life and business and know her advice can help you go big too. Learn more about Jenn here.


Episode 20 – Be Yourself – Rebecca T. Dickson
Business Coach and professional Bullshit Slayer, Becky is a former award-winning journalist, Amazon best-selling author and renowned writing consultant. Through those experiences she found her grit and her gut. She’s since gone on to coach hundreds of women find theirs – and do it in a way that gets them paid. I’ve personally worked with and around Becky for 9 months and can attest to the power of her presence and work. Find her on Facebook here or on her website: http://rebeccatdickson.com/


Episode 19 – Prioritize Your Values – Dan “The Snakeman” Chase
booanddanA man with a big and busy entourage, Dan is an educator on a mission to help people better understand and appreciate reptiles. I caught up with him after a recent workshop for kids at a library. His original program featured two snakes, one turtle, two frogs and one iguana, and has since expanded to include a wide variety of species of snakes, alligators, tortoises, tarantulas, lizards, and giant frogs.

Inspired by watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom as a kid, he’s allowed his passion for teaching and cold-blooded creatures to guide his journey into business. Learn more about Dan and the wild world of reptiles here.


Episode 18 – Community Heals – Bobbi Parish
bobbi ParishBobbi Parish is an author, Therapist, Trauma Recovery Coach, and co-founder of Trauma Recovery University, which aims to support, educate and coach survivors of childhood abuse. A testament to the relevance of social media – in under a year, she and her business partner have built an international community of more than 15,000 survivors through Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, Facebook, YouTube and RokuTV.

Bobbi’s also the author of two books and is currently writing her memoir, Fly Away Girl. Her articles on parenting and childhood trauma can be found on The Good Men Project, PsychCentral and Yahoo Parenting. You can connect with Bobbi here or on Twitter @TruthIsHers


Episode 17 – Be Kind – Alice Irving
Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.14.39 PMMaster clarifier and communicator, Alice Irving, helps successful business women get their stories straight so they can better understand what they do and then share it with confidence. I met Alice in 2014 when she helped me work through how to fit strategy-purpose-yoga-meditation-breathing-planning all into one clear sentence. Listen as she gets to the core of the world’s problems and then gives the one piece of advice that could help us all. You can also learn more about Alice and her StoryStraight program here.


Episode 16 – Let Go – Abigail Henson
Abigail HensonAll-around awesome person Abigail Henson is bringing her vision to life as the owner of Lofo – a farm-to-table establishment in Syracuse, NY. Abigail is a Natural Gourmet Chef and Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. But really, she’s a creative genius, dream-maker, and builder of healthy communities. I caught up with her a busy cafe to talk food, dreams, and hard work. Her take on your role as a leader is a game-changer. If you’re in the Syracuse area (which you should be, because it’s worth flying in just eat here), swing by her drool-worthy establishment. If you ask nicely, you can book a private 7-course Chef’s tasting for you and 20-50 of your friends on any given Tuesday this summer. Also, please invite me. Connect with Abigail here: http://www.lofosyracuse.com/


Episode 15 – Accept & Align – Marie Houlden

mariehoulden300Intuitive Energy Worker, Marie Houlden, has a passion for helping people work through and release the emotions holding them back in life. She believes that aligning body, mind and soul is essential for living an abundant life. (See why I like her so much?? Woman after my own heart!) In addition to a bunch of free mini courses to help you on your journey to aligning, Marie’s offer a FREE 21 Day Energy Healing and Clearing course Starting June 17th. If you want more abundance in money, relationships and health – this free course is for you! Sign up here and learn more about Marie on her website: http://mariehoulden.com/


Episode 14 – You Choose – Scott Venezia

Scott VeneziaAuthor, lifestyle coach and professional speaker, Scott Venezia shares with you his Ultimate Success Formula. After navigating his way to success from financial hardship and morbid obesity – he lost close to 120 pounds! – Scott knows a thing or two about what it takes to turn hopeless into “hell yes!”. His forthcoming book The Art of Choice walks you step-by-step through how take charge of your life and create the unlimited possibilities and success you desire. Learn more about Scott and download his free eBook Manifesting Miracles: The Hidden Keys to Unlocking the Law of Attraction at ScottVenezia.com.
NOTE: This episode is longer than usual, because Scott’s wisdom is the critical foundation for all future success. Without this key understanding, the mysteries and happiness of life will forever lie just beyond your reach.


Episode 13 – Be Present – Michelle Gabriel
michelle gabriel

Michelle Gabriel is a transformational mentor in every sense of the word. She’s passionate about empowering the people who empower the people. Her extensive background in energetics, consciousness and presenting helps her powerfully assist spiritual entrepreneurs to access their own sacred gifts, enhance their presentation skills and become masters at orchestrating the dynamic energy of the groups they lead. Michelle shares the key to her success – and it’s something you can do right now today.


Episode 12 – Do the You – Sarai Johnson

Sarai Johnson is a nonprofit management maven, best-selling author, and co-host of my new talk show I can’t wait to tell you about (later)! Sarai has more than a decade of experience managing nonprofit programs, people, and projects. Beyond just loving nonprofits, she thinks they can change the world. Sarai gives them the foundation they need to succeed through tools, education, management frameworks and strategic implementation. Listen as she shares her #1 piece of advice for building strong organizations.


Episode 11 – Success Mindset – Dr. Jenev Caddell
Jenev Dr. Jenev Caddell is a relationship coach and clinical psychologist. She helps entrepreneurs and their partners figure out how to communicate, understand each other, and be happy together. Half business and half the science of love, Jenev shows you how to excel in love, so you can excel in life. As entrepreneurs, nothing can boost your game-changing abilities like rock-solid relationships backing you up. Jenev is also author of Your Best Love: The Couples Workbook and Guide to Their Best Relationship, available on Amazon.

Episode 10 – How to show up – Tree Martini
tere Tree Martini is a transformational coach and founder of Clean Heart Coaching. She inspires women to embrace their sexuality and step fully into their sensual nature. As a chef, photographer, doula, and model, Tree works with women in all stages of life to accept, honor, and open to their feminine power. She shares a great piece of advice that’s helped her navigate several businesses, from running a dance troupe to owning a farm.


Episode 9 – Reem Jishi


Reem is one of my personal role models – she embodies the power of focus, commitment, and consistency. As a high-level strategist, I’m great at setting goals and developing plans, but look to Reem as an example of how to implement and bring your dreams to life. Her step-by-step dedication has helped her achieve incredible personal and professional results, including placing 19th in her age group in the 2014 Sprint Distance Triathlon World Championship Race. A former attorney and firm VP, Reem now inspires others to excel as a USA Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Coach, Spinning instructor, TRX trainer and certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. She’s a two-year All-American, and finished the 2014 season as the 3rd ranked triathlete in her age group in New York State and the 15th ranked triathlete in her age group in the North East Region.


Episode 8 – Dale Cocca
Dale-Cocca-headshot-sm-300x292 Dale’s a serial entrepreneur on a mission to bring fun into the world and get people thinking and creating. He’s been a trivia night host, worked in wind energy development and event productions, and has been involved in various small start-ups. I caught Dale for a few moments between adventures to ask what he’s learned from years in business. He dives right in to share great advice, especially if you’re considering going into business with another person.



Episode 7 – AnYes Van Rhijn

AnYes van Rhijn is an international freedom lifestyle business coach. She helps women entrepreneurs connect the dots between their life and their businesses, so that their businesses supports their desired lifestyle. Her Wisdom Wednesday advice applies to anyone looking to reach a goal. I’ve partnered with AnYes on her upcoming Successful Women Academy Bootcamp, which aims to give you the tools and systems you need to work ON your business and not in it.


Episode 6 – Jill Porter

Jill_PorterOne of the first lessons you (hopefully) learn in business is how to handle your finances. My guest today, Jill Porter, specializes in helping women get clear about their spending and develop plans to improve their money management and financial clarity. Because – let’s face it – if you’re worrying about money, then you’re not living the life you truly want. Learn more about Jill and how she can help you get on financial track on her website http://financialclarity.co.nz/


Episode 5 – Stephen Sinclair
sinclair-headshot-200x300Stephen Sinclair is a New Zealand writer and director for film, television, and theater. I had a pleasure of working with Stephen in 2012 and was thrilled to sit down with him for lunch on a recent visit to New Zealand. Over his extensive career, Stephen has been nominated for and won multiple awards. His feature film debut, Russian Snark, won Best International Film at the Garden State Film Festival and the Grand Jury Prize at the Brussels Independent Film Festival. He has also enjoyed a long screenwriting partnership with Academy Award winners Peter Jackson and Frances Walsh, notably on The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, in addition to the feature film Meet the Feebles and Braindead, which won Best Screenplay at the 1993 New Zealand Film and Television Awards. Learn more about Stephen and his upcoming play Success on his website: http://stephensinclair.co.nz/


Episode 4 – Andrew Cook
(APRIL FOOL’S EDITION) This interview is one of my career highlights. A former sailor turned change agent and lobbyist, Andrew is single-handedly redefining time in New Zealand. His insight into the metric minute inspired millions across the country. Now Parliament is turning to him to guide New Zealand through a fresh start. Listen as Andrew explains the advice that helped him revolutionize time.



Episode 3 – Kathy Toon

kathy Our first non-entrepreneur, Kathy is a woman of many talents who’s philosophy on life and work directly relates to the small business experience. Inspired by the quality (or lack thereof) of children’s programming as a teen, she pursued a career in entertainment, bringing her unique approach to the industry. Listen as she shares the concept that’s helped her rise to the top in her field.


Episode 2 – Jen Turrell

Jen TurrellWith tax season upon us, today’s guest, Jen Turrell, offers a piece of financial advice that’s helped drive her business success. Jen is a financial personal trainer, who supports female entrepreneurs and self-employed women take control of their money. Over the past 15 years, Jen has owned/run businesses in industries as diverse as agriculture and music to special needs care-giving technology and finance. In 2010, her oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism, which inspired Jen to dive headfirst into the world of special needs finance, where she discovered the importance of designing and automating cash flow systems for your home and business. If you need a bit of help in this area, she’s got a great 6-week Financial Rehab program and offers Personal Financial Physicals as well.


Episode 1 – Mike Iamele
Mike IameleI’m thrilled to kick-off Wisdom Wednesdays with a dear friend of mine – Mike Iamele. Mike is an business coach, clinical herbalist, and author of the upcoming book Enough Already: Create Success on Your Own Terms (Conari Press 2015). He specializes in helping entrepreneurs redefine and create success on their own terms to turn their passions into thriving businesses. After recovering from a debilitating illness, Mike gave up his high-powered public relations career to find his own version of love, success, and happiness. He regularly contributes to national publications and writes his own personal blog – his work has encouraged millions to create success on their own terms.