I help you master the 3 key secrets to success:

1. Envision – Know what you want.
2. Empower – Create a strategy to bring your vision to life.
3. Embody – Become the person capable of living your dreams.

In the programs and courses below, you’ll find the support you need to live your dreams so that you can feel happy, fulfilled, and like you’re living on purpose.

Profit on Purpose Mastermind

A mastermind for success-minded women, who’ve been struggling to figure out WHAT and HOW to sell in a way that feels whole and good.

You’ll get clear on your true purpose and translate it into a focused business. You’ll identify your exact ideal clients and learn how to talk to them about your work. Then you’ll develop a viable and purposeful offer your clients will be itching to buy.

The next Mastermind kicks off November 11. Click HERE to learn more.



The Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality

An intimate four-week program just for women entrepreneurs, who feel burnt out and want to better navigate the masculine demands of business and the feminine aspects of creating.

You’ll learn how to access, raise, and channel your sexual energy, so that you can use this powerful, vibrant and creative force to thrive in both your business and life.

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Chill Out: Intro to Meditation

A six-week self-guided course for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. If your mind is constantly racing and you feel pulled in a hundred different directions without a break in site – this course is for you.

In under 10-minutes a day, you’ll learn key practices to calm your mind and destress your body, so that you feel clear-headed, happier, and more in control.

Think you don’t have time to meditate? Think again.

Meditation is where you get clear and realize your priorities. And with clarity – you can accomplish whatever is necessary with grace and maximum impact.

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Pain-free Lower Back & Hips

If you want to feel good, then you can’t live in pain. Pain distracts you from your purpose and who you really are – healthy, happy, and whole. Embodying these feelings is a key part of achieving success.

Break the cycle of living below your potential by finally healing your lower back pain. In this very gentle practice, you’ll learn how to loosen your lower back, release tension in your hips and re-align your pelvis so your lower back can move freely.

You receive 2 guided yoga videos (45- & 20-minutes), 2 downloadable audio files so you can practice on the go, the Get Comfy guide to help you modify the stretches to work for your body, and the Why Behind the How video on the anatomy behind your pain and these practices. Suitable for beginners and those with injuries.

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