Purpose & Passion Sessions

power pose copyFeel confused about which direction to go in with your business or career?

Are you full of amazing ideas but never seem to follow through, because you’re just not sure which one is the “right” one?

Then we need to talk.

You’re an amazing person. You have talents, gifts, and potential up the wazoo.

So WHY are you wasting time feeling unclear and overwhelmed?

WHY are you tripping yourself up with doubt, fear, and insecurity??

Knock it off, love!

I wish you could see what I see – I see you shining so freaking brightly.

  • Opening to your true power.
  • Standing in your light.
  • Trusting you’re cared for, loved, and supported in every way.

Not to mention, blowing it out of the water in your dream career and sharing your gifts with the world.

But it’s like you’re blind to your own light.

I get it – I feel your frustration. I’ve been there, recently, even.

You want to feel aligned and empowered in your work. You want to feel free in your life. You’re dying to step into your powerful, visionary self and do the work you know you’re meant to do.

But you keep hitting the same blocks over and over. 

It’s not your fault – you weren’t taught how to strategically approach your own life.

You don’t know the right questions to ask. 

But I do.

I’m a professional strategist, who spent years in the U.S. government creating a revolutionary framework that can help you get crystal clear on your purpose and then take aligned action to achieve it.

So let’s do it.

Get aligned,
Get clear on what you really want.
Know without a doubt what your true message and purpose is so you can live it full-on.

My gift is being able to see the real you – the amazing, light-filled, supernova you – and help you see it too.

So let’s connect – 90-minutes 1:1, you and me.

You’ll get clear on:

  • Your big vision,
  • Your true message, &
  • What you really, really want to do and feel in life.

Because you only get one shot at living your happiest, best, most fulfilling-est life.

90-minutes of your time is the only thing standing between you and life-long clarity. Schedule your session ($297) now.


Don’t waste another moment feeling less than who you know you’re meant to be.

When you’re clear on your purpose and passion, you know how to be the person you envision being:

  • You know what daily practices are going to help you feel how you want to feel.
  • You know which mentors and teachers will help you move forward.
  • You know which friends support you and which drag you down – which conversations you’ll engage in and which ones you’ll excuse yourself from.

Because you know your big dream. You know what you want to create and you know how to assess what’s right for you.

There is nothing more important than being absolutely clear on what you want and how you want to feel.

So let’s do it. You’re 90-minutes & $297 away from your dream.

If you know me, you know my life’s mission is to awaken peace, truth, and human connection in the world. I’m deeply inspired by the message of shared humanity Martin Luther King, Jr. bravely brought to the world.

I want to help you courageously own and share your message too.


Be free. Be brave. Be YOU.


p.s. To make this a super easy, no-risk decision for you, if you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your investment. I believe in what I do and take my promise to help you seriously. If you participate in our session 100% in good faith and are unsatisfied, just let me know and I’ll refund you fully.


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