We all have a capable, competent side that can handle life like a boss.

And we all have a soft, messy side that makes us question if anything we do is right or enough too…

The problem comes when that doubt-filled side casts a shadow on your capable side and you feel stuck throughout your life.

I’ve struggled with this since I started my business.

My insecurities and shame around earning my own living (aka money stuff) clouded over my natural confidence in my work – a confidence that was well earned as a top strategist in the government. 

But I’ve recently found a path forward that’s allowed me to show up powerfully and clearly in my work (have you’ve noticed?? 🙂) AND still be learning and growing personally.

In this video, you’ll discover a quick tip to separate the “pro” you from the “still learning” you, so you can feel confident and back in the flow of action.

Watch now:


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