Quit That Shit!


Hey there bombshell,

Tell me – what’s a super-charged, fast-action visionary like you doing trapped in sub-par career?

Knock it off, gorgeous!

I’m sick of seeing brilliant, talented souls like you be unsatisfied and unstimulated by their jobs.

It’s time to step into a role that fully expresses who you are and draws you towards your true potential.

That’s why I’m so freaking excited to invite you to Quit that Shit! – my new 6-week online training.

Quit That Shit! (Love the job you have or find a job you love) is a 6-week intensive online experience designed specifically to help you stop settling, reclaim your mojo, and light up your job-love life.

Because it’s EASY to get trapped in a dead-end job.

It can happen so subtly you barely even notice…

One day you take a job that’s mildly inspiring but not perfect to save some money until you find a better one.

Then a month rolls into two, then six, then a year, and before you know it, you’re still there because staying is easier than searching for a new job, plus the jobs you see advertised aren’t quite perfect either.

I’ve heard all the excuses – heck, I’ve said them all before myself!

But “good enough for now” is the most dangerous place you can be.

“Good enough for now” sucks all your energy but doesn’t help you to grow into who you really are and can be.

You end up wasting years of your life working in a job that doesn’t light you up, instead of passionately building towards a future YOU want.

Don’t you deserve to be TURNED ON by your work?
Don’t you deserve to be INSPIRED by your colleagues and clients?
Don’t you deserve to go home at night knowing you’re CREATING YOUR DREAM?

Of course you do.

Anything less is settling. And winners like you don’t settle.


Except you have been settling, haven’t you? You’ve been settling for far less that you know is your birthright as the brilliant, kick-ass babe you are.

It stops NOW.

You deserve better and I know you want better.

Because you’re different.

You’re not like the others. You’re not content to work in an okay job just to make ends meet so you can be a dutiful partner and raise a few kids.

Not that you’re not a great partner and parent – because, no joke, you freaking rock – but you want MORE.

You have a fire inside you. You can taste your success.

You just can’t figure out how to make it happen…


That’s why I’m so pumped to invite you to my new 6-week online course – Quit That Shit!

In six weeks, I’ll walk you through the exact system I used to move from a job I dreaded to creating my absolute dream job at the age of 26. I used the exact same system years later to create the business of my dreams that I’m in now.

Because I get what’s it’s like. I was just like you a few years ago.

When I started in the government, I took the first job offered to me, even though I wasn’t thrilled about the work.

I spent a year dreading going to work and feeling undervalued, even though I KNEW I had the skills, knowledge, and potential for so much more.

I was smart. I had drive and determination, and I knew I could do more.

So I used the system I’ll share with you in Quit That Shit! to take control of my government career.

Within months I transferred to the office of my dreams. Within two years, I was hired by my dream boss. Within three years, I created my own office with my own budget and team and spent every day building the dream I knew I wanted to live.

I literally dreamed it then made it happen.

You can too.

In Quit that Shit!, I’ll show you how.

Here’s what you get when you say Yes! to Quit that Shit!


WEEK ONE: Get clear on your true motivation in life.

You’ll discover what makes you tick at the deepest level. This is the driving force behind everything you do. Plus you’ll take stock of how and if you’re expressing it in your current role, and what specifically needs to change to feel more aligned.

WEEK TWO: Own your gifts and talents.

What you love and what you do aren’t always the same. You’ll get clear on exactly what lights you up and what components MUST be present to feel satisfied in your work. Plus, you’ll learn how to weave it into your daily activities so you’re needs are being met throughout your life beyond your job.

WEEK THREE: Define your vision.

You can’t get anywhere on purpose without first knowing the destination. In Quit That Shit! you’ll get down with the details of exactly what you want, so you know what opportunities and interactions can move you closer to where you want to be and what’s just a distraction along the way.

WEEK FOUR: Face your fears.

The only reason you’re not living the fully satisfied and joyful life you’re meant to, is because you’re stepping in your own way. In this course, you’ll get up close and personal with all the excuses, reasons, and beliefs that have stopped you from playing big, so you can leave them behind once and for all and finally claim the full life you deserve.

WEEK FIVE: Take charge.

Just seeing your fears and limiting beliefs isn’t enough. You’ll confront your crappy old thoughts head on and create new, better ones that inspire you to move towards what you really want and be who you know you really are. Once you confront them, your beliefs, fears, and excuses are powerless and you can move forward fully in charge of your own future.

WEEK SIX: Take action!

All that inner work is the build up for the final step of taking action! You’ll lay out your roadmap to bringing your vision to life – no ifs, ands, or buts. Whether that’s new responsibilities in your current position, a new role, a new job, or a whole new career, you’ll have a plan to move towards what you really want and make it happen!

When we’re done, you’ll know exactly what you want and what you need to do to get it.

Plus you’ll be reveling in your newfound sense of control over your life and career and be freaking ready to share your gifts with the world!



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Join now – program starts February 3!


Did I mention there are BONUSES??


If you end up discovering you want to leave your job and start your own business – you’ll get my bonus In-It-To-Quit-It strategy, which walks you step by step how to financially and emotionally prepare for a new career.

Plus, I’ll be hosting a bonus live call-in coaching session to answer YOUR questions and focus on YOUR needs.


I know the lure of a steady paycheck and good benefits is strong. But it’s not worth trading for your life, your vision, and your vitality.

It’s not worth crushing your dreams for a bit of short-lived security. And it’s definitely not worth settling for a life that’s less than the brilliance you’re worthy of!

Don’t worry – you DO NOT have to quit your job to join Quit That Shit!

This 6-week entirely online experience is about helping you own your gifts and value so you can

  • Stop settling for less than you deserve
  • Get clear on what you really want
  • Discover how to do MORE of what lights you up each day and less of what drains you
  • Uproot and confront the crappy beliefs blocking you from the job and life you dream of
  • Learn how to navigate opportunities to move closer towards your dream career
  • Create new, uplifting beliefs that support how you WANT to feel and show up in the world, &
  • Go for your dream job, no matter what it is!


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Join now – program starts February 3!


Plus you get a bonus live call-in coaching session to answer YOUR questions and focus on YOUR needs.

AND if you decide to start you’re own business, you get my bonus In-It-To-Quit-It strategy, which walks you step by step how to financially and emotionally prepare for a new career.


Here’s how it works!

Starting February 3, we’ll be working together for 6 weeks – all online – for LIVE weekly audio trainings. All the trainings will be recorded so you can keep them forever! I’ll walk you step by step though my tailored system to get clear, feel confident, and love the job you’re in or find one you love.

You’ll also have email access to me throughout the program! It’s going to be AWESOME!

Imagine – in 6 weeks – feeling on top of your professional game, knowing exactly what you want and having a plan and roadmap to get it. BEAUTIFUL!


Join now – program starts February 3!


Plus you get a bonus live call-in coaching session to answer YOUR questions and focus on YOUR needs.

And if you decide to start you’re own business, you get my bonus In-It-To-Quit-It strategy, which walks you step by step how to financially and emotionally prepare for a new career.

So what’s my deal? Why am I so passionate about helping you excel in your career?

Because I WAS you. In fact, I still am just like you – talented, passionate, capable, and driven.

But a few years ago, I didn’t feel that way. I was beaten-down, hopeless, and like I’d been fooling myself thinking my dreams were possible.

I felt undervalued, overlooked, and like I was living WAY below my potential.

It’s PAINFUL to live that way – to have to go to a job for 40, 50, 60 hours a week and feel like you’re just wasting your precious time.

All the while watching others achieve the success you KNOW you’re meant to have.


Within a few months of suffering through a job I dreaded, I decided to take my career into my own hands. I had a vision for who I could be and what I could do and I made it happen.

Less than 3 years later, I’d created my own office and fulfilled my life-long dream of working on international peace and conflict resolution.

But then I slipped again. I’d achieved my dream and didn’t know what came next…

I moved on to the next job and bided my time until I was promoted. I still enjoyed the work and was intellectually engaged, but I was no longer alive in my job. I looked forward to weekends and time-off.


When you’re in a job that aligns with your mission in the world – vacations don’t matter. Sure you can still enjoy a change of scenery and a few extra naps, but who you are and what you do are so intricately tied together, the passion doesn’t “turn off” and YOU DON’T NEED IT TO.

Because when you’re lit up by your work, it doesn’t drain you. It doesn’t exhaust you. It FEEDS you.

So I knew in my last government job that when I wasn’t feel that spark, I had to dig deeper.

I considered other roles, other offices, other Departments. I looked at consulting and corporate work. I even considered going back to school and teaching.

But what revved me up – what really inspired me – were the blank stares of the working masses on the bus on the way home.

Seeing a tired, brain-dead population punch the clock for retirement and health care yet turn into vibrant, energized, excited people on the weekends.

How was it possible that the same zombies I saw all week were actually vivacious souls with plans and dreams?

I couldn’t stop wondering – what happens to those dreams Monday to Friday? And how will they ever achieve them if they only move in calculated baby steps up some imaginary ladder?

I wanted to help people leap!

I knew I had to help people rediscover their own gifts – their own POWER – and their innate potential to make their OWN dreams come true.

Just like I had.

So I launched the business you see today.

Don’t be fooled – running a business isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I didn’t just sign my DBA and live happily ever after.

There are JUST AS MANY opportunities to feel uninspired, overwhelmed, or lazy when you work for yourself. In fact, there may be more, because you have to do everything yourself – even the dull tasks like tracking receipts, setting up email responders, etc.

I know the system I share with you in Quit That Shit! works because I implement it EVERY DAY to rise above the negative thoughts and distractions that pop up.

I use the exact tools you’ll learn to navigate the decisions and opportunities I face daily.

In short, I know it works, because I LIVE it.

And I want to share it with you. Because you deserve to feel as turned on by your work as I do. You deserve to succeed easily because everything you do aligns with who you truly are and it just FLOWS.

So don’t be one of the working dead. Join TODAY!

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU.


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