What does it mean to be worthy of respect?

Respect is a personal choice – a self-chosen definition. For you, respect may look like taking extra time and attention. It may look like a clean car or a tidy wardrobe. Or listening and allowing yourself to speak without apology.

When you choose to gift something your respect, you give meaning to the otherwise ordinary. You elevate the profane to the sacred.

Creating sacred space in your life isn’t about following a specific ritual or doctrine. It’s about defining meaning and worthiness in your own life – giving respect to the seemingly mundane aspects of being you.

When you treat yourself as sacred you honor the spiritual spark within you. You embrace your role as a contributing energetic member of the greater whole.

Whereas when you doubt, question, and hold back, you cement yourself as part of the unimportant and un-meaningful. You don’t acknowledge or embrace your inherent and unlimited energetic potential.

Despite its connotation, profane doesn’t mean bad. It means lacking in holy or not recognized as worthy. 

So when you treat aspects of your life – your health, appearance, business, relationships, downtime – as profane, what you’re really saying is that they are not worthy of your attention. You are not worthy of your attention.

But when you believe you are sacred, then every aspect of your life must also be sacred.

Because if you are a spiritual being, then what you experience, touch, explore, think, or create must also be at least tangentially spiritual.

In The Game of Life and How to Play It, Florence Scovel Shinn challenges us to question if evil can exist if you believe in God as good.

Following her logic, tune into your inner truth – is it possible for life to be spiritual, yet there also be an opposite of spiritual at the same time? 

Or by definition, is a spiritual experience all there is?

Because if your inherent truth is that you are a spiritual being, then every part of you must also be spiritual and thus worthy of your attention – of being deemed sacred to you.

When you bring that level of awareness and respect to your decisions and actions, you merge the divine with its incarnated and manifest form in daily life.

This is what it means to be a sacred CEO.

To honor the spark of spiritual truth within your desires by using your powers as a human to create your vision of that truth and life.

The CEO is the human element of you – it’s the potential that lies within your skills, talents, and intellectual mind to figure out how to share and build and connect. But that potential feels empty without honoring the sacred – the inherent spiritual aspect of all that is, including your work in the world.

So ask yourself the most revealing and perhaps hardest question of all – have you made the assumption that there is something other than the divine playing out in your life?

Have you treated the material and tangible aspects of your life as profane?

And, most importantly, are you willing to claim the sacred essence in every aspect of your life?

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!