Do you have a BIG calling that’s being blocked by itty-bitty, teeny-tiny thoughts like…

What will they think?

What if I fail?

What am I doing wrong?

Then welcome! You’re in the right place.

Most of us holders-of-truth and soon-to-be world-changers struggle to find the clarity, confidence, and conviction you need to make your dreams come true.

But playing stuck and small serve no one.

In fact, the only thing spinning your wheels gets you is a one-way ticket to feeling frustrated, fed up, and unfulfilled.

So how do you finally move forward and create the life and business you want – the one you know you’re destined for?

You become a Sacred CEO.

The Sacred CEO is a new breed of leader. You become one when you boldly follow your soul’s calling to create your own unique vision in the world.

Even if your parents question you.

Even if your best friend thinks your crazy.

Even if you wonder if you can do it.

You can. You will. I can help.

Together, I can help you go from doubting your dreams to living them more fully each day.

[ezcol_1half]Imagine going from feeling:

  • Stuck & confused
  • Overwhelmed & exhausted
  • Worried about what others will say
  • Scared to put yourself out there
  • Impatient
  • Like you’re playing small[/ezcol_1half]

[ezcol_1half_end]To finally feeling:

  • Clear in your path forward
  • Focused & energized
  • Confident in your calling
  • Trusting in yourself & your work
  • Assured of life’s divine timing
  • Expansive & infinitely capable[/ezcol_1half_end]

This is possible for you.

I know, because I’ve seen my clients transform their entire lives and businesses right before my eyes.

But it’s ONLY possible if you’re willing to own your worth, claim your future, and create aligned daily habits that support your big vision.

You in? Let’s get started!


Who’s this for?

I work with super-engaged, talented people who want to create something BIG in the world. I’m your coach if you’re multi-skilled, multi-passionate, and ready to align all your gifts into a powerful, purpose-filled business – and feel good along the way.

Former clients include artists, doctors, yoga teachers, jewelry designers, business coaches, energy healers, light workers, authors, network marketers, therapists, professional organizers, and more.

In short, it doesn’t matter what you want to do – or if you even know yet. The only requirement is that you hear the whisper of a deeper calling and want discover where it leads.

How does it work?

Based on where you are in your business and what you’re hoping to achieve, there are 3 great options to help you move forward:

A single Sacred CEO Session can help you gain greater clarity on questions like:

  • What’s my life purpose?
  • What’s my business focus & message?
  • Who am I most meant to serve?
  • What’s blocking me from moving forward?

This session is tailored to your unique needs and will help you reconnect with your big vision & prioritize the most effective way forward.

A VIP Day is the best way to make a big transformation fast.

You can gain clarity on key areas like your purpose, unique message in the world, business focus, ideal audience, plus the beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward. Together we’ll explore how & why you’ve held back from fully embodying your Sacred CEO & identify new beliefs to help you powerfully own your calling.

By the end, you’ll have a clear way forward & plan of action, so that you know exactly what to do – both professionally and personally – to bring your big dreams to life today. Plus, you also get a bonus follow-on session to help solidify your new beliefs & clarity and stay on track to living your vision.

Learn more about your VIP Day HERE.

The Sacred CEO 5-month sessions are where the magic happens.

Because the more you commit to this process – to becoming your own Sacred CEO – the more you embody what it truly means to lead your life. You’ll step into the

– Conviction to claim your dreams & desires.

– Courage to share your true self.

– Confidence to pursue your own path your own way.

As you move forward, your daily actions will become a tangible expression of your soul’s calling. We can also address in real time the inevitable limiting beliefs and doubts that arise with growth, so that you can transform with greater ease and clarity.

Ready to become your Sacred CEO?

Get started by choosing the best option for you below:

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Ready to step into your Sacred CEO power and become the leader of your life?

Choose the right Sacred CEO experience for you below!

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Choose the right Sacred CEO experience for you now!


I’ve always been intense 😛 and now you can benefit in your very own VIP Day intensive with me!

What is a VIP Day?

A Sacred CEO VIP Day is an opportunity to heal and connect with your true self. It’s a special time for you to be heard, seen, and understood in your struggles, dreams, and desires. It’s a safe container to allow yourself to shed the beliefs, habits, and thoughts that are no longer needed, and transform into who your future is calling you to be.

What will we do during a VIP Day?

20141226-IMG_2067We’ll start with laying a solid foundation for our work together and open with shared meditation to raise your energy and ground yourself in the power of your intention. Then you’ll lay it all out on the proverbial table – where you are, where you’ve been, what you want instead. Business and life – this is a time for you to fully share and be witnessed and supported.

Using my one-of-a-kind system, we’ll gain clarity on your purpose so that you know what your soul is most trying to learn and create during this life.

Then we’ll look at the ways you’re holding back from living your purpose. The disempowering habits, the mis-aligned beliefs – all the ways you’ve allowed yourself to feel and be anything less than a sacred expression of the Divine on earth.

If you own a business, we’ll explore how your business can better express your calling through your message, offers, or way of working, so that you feel fulfilled on a daily basis in your work.

We’ll also look at what you can do (habits, activities, hobbies) on a day-to-day basis so that you truly embody your purpose and step into the role of Sacred CEO of your life.

We’ll end the session by creating a plan of action so that you know exactly what to do – both professionally and personally – to bring your big dreams to life and become your Sacred CEO. Plus, we’ll meet one more time for a bonus follow-on session to help solidify your newfound beliefs & clarity and stay on track to leading your life.

Who are Sacred CEO VIP Days for?

These empowering intensives are for anyone who’s ready to become the leader of their life.

  • If you’ve struggled with doubt, confusion, insecurity, or inaction – this will help you lay the foundation for unshakable clarity & forward momentum in your life and business.
  • If you’re ready to own your future and create your vision – this powerful intensive will help you throw a wrench in the routines that have been holding you back, discover your personal locus of power, and get clear on how to take your life & business to the next level.

The Day and results are entirely tailored to you and your specific needs. You’ll get the most out of it if you’re ready to own your unique power to create the life of your dreams.


How does it work?

We’ll meet virtually for 5-hours split into two segments:

  • 3-hours to lay the foundation, clarify your purpose, and bust through blocks, followed by
  • 2-hours to identify new beliefs, create empowering habits, and codify your vision for your dream life and way forward.
  • You’ll have time for lunch or a snack in between sessions.

If you’re local to Syracuse, we may be able to meet in person for your Day.

* Please note the timeline of the Day may vary based on your unique needs and goals. Because I use my vast skills as a strategist and spiritual mentor to best help you live your vision, I don’t “force” a system or framework onto you or your business. That means the entire Day is tailored specifically to what will make the biggest impact on you to help you move your life and business forward today.

After our VIP Day, we’ll re-connect for a 60-minute bonus follow-on session to help you stay on track and connected to your highest self and your purpose. Plus, you’ll have my email support for 30-days to help you navigate any challenges you encounter as your step into leading your life more fully.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s included:

  • One 5-hour VIP Day intensive
  • One 60-minute follow-on call
  • 30-days of email support
  • A written plan of action
  • All call recordings

Book your VIP Day now!

Get your 5-hour VIP Day intensive plus follow-on session & 30-days of email support for only $1997!

Are you ready to jumpstart the next phase of your life & business and truly lead your life?

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