Offerings Descriptions


Re-discover how to move in the most gentle and efficient way for your body. For beginners and those with a beginner’s mind, you’ll explore the fundamentals of moving and how they underlie every yoga position. Classes range from gentle to challenging and each class builds on the previous.

Pranayama – yogic breathing

Learn the ancient practice of pranayama. Developed to heal the mind and body, you’ll gradually expand the body and breath and build towards more advanced practices. Expect to feel calmer, more clear-headed, focused, and happy.


Discover practical ways to focus, relax, and center. You’ll learn techniques to quiet the mind and bring more peace into your life. This isn’t just “sit and don’t think”; we’ll go step-by-step through ancient practices that help you gain more focus, calm and inner silence.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is the perfect time to start gentle yoga. Spend time connecting with yourself and your baby. You’ll learn relaxation techniques, strengthening postures, birthing positions, and how to use sound throughout pregnancy and birthing. I trained as a birth Doula and with prenatal yoga master Janice Clarfield.


I also offer Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) and specialized workshops.