Pain-free Lower Back & Hips Package

Pain is not a life-sentence.

You can be comfortable and move with ease.

Is this you?

  • You’ve had the same lower back pain for years.
  • You’ve tried massage, heating pads and rub-on gels but nothing makes a lasting difference.
  • You’ve changed your mattress, office chair and car lumbar support, but you’re still tight and sore.
  • You feel like if you could just stretch in the right spot, the tightness would go away.

I hear you. I feel your pain. You don’t have to live like this.

You can find healing and comfort in your body.

Introducing the Pain-free Lower Back & Hips practice.

This gentle yoga practice is specifically designed to help you release tension in your lower back and hips, so that you can finally feel like you again.

Here’s the secret to healing – your body has a memory. 

The body holds emotional tension long after the moment of need has passed – trapping you in poor posture and unhealthy movement habits.

When you learn how to release the blocks in your body & breath, you move into true healing and lasting health.

Pain and disease are your body’s communication systems. They let you know when you’re off track and out of touch with yourself and your true desires.

Viewed holistically, injuries and disease are a chance to rebuild and reconnect – to tune into your deeper wisdom and guidance system and align with your natural health and healing power.

When you’re connected mind-body-spirit, everything in life is easier.

  • You have more energy to devote to what you love.
  • You’re happier and show up more fully in your relationships.
  • You have more hope for a future without injury or chronic pain or exhaustion.

This practices will show you how to care for your body at the deepest level so you can finally become who you know you are – and move beyond pain once and for all.

In the Pain-free Lower Back and Hip practice, you’ll learn:

  • Why you may be in pain, including the most common causes of lower back and hip pain;
  • How the spine and pelvis work, so that you can find optimal support and comfort; and,
  • Why these specific practices may help you align and strengthen your body.

It’s time to break your cycle of pain.

You can live pain-free.

You can lift without fear of throwing out your back. You can sit without stiffness and pain. You can stand and walk without feeling tight and sore.

This practice will help you:

  1. Loosen your lower back.
  2. Release tension in your hips.
  3. Re-align your pelvis so your lower back can move freely.
  4. Engage the right muscles to support and strengthen your spine.
  5. Develop new habits to transform your body and move with ease.

Why learn from me?

As an advanced yoga teacher with over 800-hours of training, I’ve dug deep into the functional anatomy of the human body to find out why you’re in pain.

I broke my tailbone twice, sprained multiple pelvic ligaments, and had pain that mimicked sciatica. Sitting was hard, standing was worse and even walking left me feeling sore and uncomfortable.

Then I discovered these movements.

I spent 2 years exploring and developing this practice – it helped me heal and I know it can work for your too.

Are you ready to live pain-free?

Your investment $47.

With the Pain-free Lower Back & Hips practice, you’ll receive:

DVD2 Video Downloads:

A 45-minute in-depth Practice: An in-depth guided practice designed to loosen, strengthen and align your lower back and hips.

A 20-minute Daily Practice: An easy-to-do 20-minute daily practice to re-train your postural habits for long-term healing.


Audio2 Audio Downloads:

Both healing practices downloadable and ready to take with you wherever you go. You can download the 45-minute and 20-minute practice right onto your phone, tablet, mp3 player or computer.



Get-comfy-photo Get Comfy Guide to help you modify the stretches to work for your body. It includes photographs of alternative positions for bad knees, painful wrists, stiff ankles or tight shoulders.



ipad-photoWhy Behind the How Video Presentation to walk you through why you may be experiencing pain, the anatomy and structure behind your lower back and pelvis, and how these specific practice help align and strengthen the body.

This practice has helped countless of my clients to heal their acute and long-term lower back pain.

Chad-testimonailIt’s never too late to take control of your future!