Almost all of us are walking around with the functional equivalent of the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica series weighing on us. Except, instead of cataloguing knowledge, your body is recording every memory and experience you ever have. 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that – that’s its job. But you can get into trouble when you keep more than just the memories.

Let me explain…

When something happens, there is the neutral fact of the experience, and then there is your emotional interpretation – how you make sense of the experienceIs it good? Is it bad? Did you get something favorable out of it, or did you get hurt? 

These interpretations mean that instead of every experience just floating by like clouds in the sky, you get stuck ruminating, thinking, and even obsessing. 

You don’t fully process the situation because your emotions are still working out what it means about you, the world, and how you should act.

But when you don’t fully process experiences – particularly stressful, tense, or traumatic experiences – the body continues to hold and even repeat the trauma on a cellular level every single day.

Let that sink in. 

You are physically and subconsciously still chewing on stuff that is no longer part of your daily life. 

What a waste of energy! 

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know my main focus is helping you discover and live your soul’s calling. But you cannot do that – I repeat – you CANNOT fully embody the highest expression of your calling when you are physically reliving trauma from the past. 

Instead the trauma will snap you back to same-old, same-old like an over-stretched rubber band. 

Which means, if you’re committed to achieving new levels of joy, ease, and abundance in your life – you’ve got to clear out the unprocessed gunk stuck in your body. 

In the video below, I share a practice that will help release stress, tension, and trauma in the body. Try it daily for 5 days and see how you feel.

One caveat & warning: When you work with subconscious emotions and unprocessed trauma, it can bring up a load of stuff. That seems obvious, but it’s worth saying. You can temporarily feel weak, exhausted, emotional, drained, nauseous, dizzy, giddy, tearful, manically happy – the whole gamut. Ensure you have the support you need – emotionally and mentally – to navigate what comes up. As always with a physical practice, consult your doctor.

I’d love to hear what you experienced with this practice. Leave a comment below and let me know – What did you notice?

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!