struggling float

Have you ever thought about my tag line – be free, be brave, be you?

I call us the free and the brave because I think of you and me as a collective of brave souls on the path to inner freedom. We’re all moving along the path together and I’m out here holding a torch so we can see each other and know we’re not alone.

But even though I’m committed to the journey, sometimes I don’t feel so brave.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and like I wish someone else would just tell me the right way to go. Which is ironic for a woman who talks about the importance of having your own vision and charting your own path.

Shouldn’t I know exactly what I want? Shouldn’t I be able to say exactly how I’m going to make it happen?

Maybe. Mostly, I just know how I want to feel.

Because how you feel is the key.

Unfortunately for most of us, even if we know how we want to feel, it’s so far from our current experience, it might as well be a different universe.

It’s like somewhere out there, a you is simultaneously existing who already embodies everything you dream of… She’s light-hearted and easy-going. She swims in open water and dances in public. She laughs loudly and gives standing ovations even when everyone else remains seated.

She’s who you would be if you didn’t hold yourself back with judgments and “shoulds”.

But you do.

And you do it so masterfully, you can’t even tell most of the time.

Which is why taking time out to stop and breathe is so important. You need to make space to let the weight of your self-imposed world crash off of you.

Because in these moments of surrender, you can hear your intuition. You can be guided by your most intelligent self towards your deepest desires, even when the steps that appear aren’t what you’d logically choose.

I experienced this myself over the weekend. I arrived at the yoga center last week stressed, tense, and anxious. I was actively striving and pushing to make what I want happen. But it wasn’t and I felt awful in the meantime.

Yet I was scared to let go.

I worried that if I surrendered control, I might not get what I want. Though deep down, I knew/know giving in is the only way to truly get what I want.

Because what I want is to feel good.

I don’t imagine myself stressed-out and tired, struggling to push myself to the next level.

Instead I imagine easing into the flow and opening myself to growth. I imagine gracefully facing truths and expanding into my potential.

I imagine being okay being me, whatever that means.

So slowly but surely, I allowed myself to relinquish control with each yoga class this weekend. I let my jaw and chest release their stifling grip on my breath. And today I look and feel like new person. 

As if by magic – with each release, a new gift or insight came. Another beautiful soul signed up for my Mastermind group. A perfectly-timed conversation led to just the right answer. A new opportunity arose and all the connections appeared to support it.

And I am exactly where I want to be, feeling how I want to feel – open, soft, and joyful.

If you’re starting this week worried or stressed, check in with yourself – how can you surrender? How can you allow yourself to move towards the feelings you prefer and trust you’ll be supported?

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!