This morning on an early #InfiniteReceiving call with Maru Iabichela, I heard a word I’ve only heard her use a few times before and it struck me as the most important word for 2017. Especially if you’re working on creating your big dreams, transforming yourself on a deep level, or going through tough times. Or – like most of us on the journey to inner mastery – doing all 3 at once.


It’s just like surrendering, according to Maru. But instead of imagining you’re putting something down, like laying down the sword, when you up-render, you hand it over to God / Source.

You literally give it UP.

That doesn’t mean you drop the desire for the outcome or your role in taking action. It means you drop the struggle to control how and when something you want plays out in your life. You drop the worry, coercing, cajoling, and forcing.

You trust – in Maru’s words INFINITELY – that your dreams are working out in better ways than you could ever imagine.

Even when it hurts.
Even when it seems like a set back.
Even when you can’t see the path forward.

You don’t stop. Instead you ask for support, get clear on what you can do, and move forward with faith that it will work out for your best and highest good.

That’s up-rendering.

What do you need to up-render in your life?

I remember when I was renovating my house in 2008-2009. I would spend my evenings after work crying and feeling powerless to fix the colossal mess that was my home. I wondered what I did to deserve feeling so trapped and overwhelmed. Why I was being punished? Why did I always seem to fail when I thought I’d actually nailed my big dreams?

I was stuck in victim-mode.

But when I decided to change that – that I would figure it out no matter what, then I moved into a space of miracles and support I never could have imagine.

I let go, trusted, and took action in full faith that the outcome would come true. I didn’t know how, but I knew that it would.

That’s up-rendering.

What issue or challenge have you been holding on to – maybe even clinging to – that you could up-render today? Maybe an aspect of your business, love life, or parenting?

Give it UP.

Give over the worrying, navigating, and trying to control and choose instead to feel full of faith that anything is possible. You can’t get it wrong.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!