meditation beads

A student asked me before class a few weeks ago – “how was your Thanksgiving?”

The socially appropriate answer came to mind but instead I chose to tell her the truth.

I sat in the kitchen alone for 8 hours and allowed myself to cry and feel overwhelmed by self-pity, loneliness, and sadness. 

I didn’t celebrate, I didn’t see anyone, I didn’t even go for a walk or do the practices I knew would turn my day around.

I wallowed because I wanted to wallow. Until I didn’t anymore; then I turned it around within minutes.

She was so relieved to hear I’m not perfect and that I still cry and feel emotion!

She wonders if yoga will heal her anxiety – which it may – but there’s one thing I know for sure:

Yoga gives you the awareness to see that you choose how you think and feel. 

It gives you the power to own your decision and to change your experience, even if your decision is to choose not to change at all.

Yoga gives you the key to happiness – not because you stop feeling sad – but because yoga shows you joy is your choice all along.

This is why we practice. Not to avoid the storms, but to weather them with awareness.

Sit. Breathe. Practice.

You’re the only one who can do your work.