When the Cavs won Sunday night (yes, I’m talking about basketball), I realized something big:

I am not a loser.

Growing up in NE Ohio, you get indoctrinated from a young age with beliefs about success.

Good guys don’t win.
Underdogs have the moral high ground.
Even if you get close, you’ll never win.

Losing is our cultural context in Ohio. Being losers is what we do.

But at 10:30 pm last Sunday, that changed. We won.

Every cell of my body felt like it was reorienting to make space for this new belief.

Because when you’ve only known one way of being and thinking, even imagining an alternative can be game-changing.

It confronts your deepest beliefs about yourself and what’s possible.

It changes your family dynamic, the conversations you have with friends, and the small talk you start up with strangers.

Because if you’re no longer validated in your long-learned habits of complaining and feeling beaten down, then what do you do instead?

How do you think as a winner?
What decisions do you make?
How do you treat yourself?
What do you assume about your future?

This is unchartered territory for many of us.

Because even if you’re not from Cleveland, you may have grown up hearing about “people like you”.

People who’ll never be the creme de la creme.
People who work hard but don’t succeed.
People who do everything right but have bad luck.

These beliefs block us from experiencing our true potential and abundance.

Because no one is left out of possibility. No one is excluded from the fullness of life.

Unless you do it yourself by committing to the belief that you are.

Look at your beliefs today:

Where are you subtly telling yourself you’ll never win?
How are you confirming that you’re not a winner and never will be?

Root out the exact phrases, thoughts, and assumptions that are keeping you stuck. Then focus your effort on growing there.

Because your current circumstances are just an outer reflection of the deeper truth you’re holding.

If you want to change the externals of your life; you start with your internal beliefs.

You’re meant to succeed.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!