yellow coat


We all have hopes and dreams.

Unfortunately many of us walk around feeling preemptively disappointed in ourselves that we’re not living them yet. It’s like we’ve decided we’re not going to reach them but every day we still pick up the heavy coat of failure just to remind ourselves of what could have been.

Let me suggest an alternative: Put on the coat of possibility instead.

Instead of reminding yourself of what you haven’t managed yet, go on a mental scavenger hunt for clues of everything you have.

Use your powerful brain to gather evidence that it’s really happening. Because the brain is going to prove what you believe either way. It’s job is to rationalize your decisions and help you feel they were the right ones.

So if you want to see proof that you’re succeeding, make the decision to succeed.

You’re already thinking and feeling about your dreams every day – why waste the effort thinking and feeling negatively about them?

Choose to feel good about your vision instead.

Because feeling good about it is what’s going to get you there.

Put down the draining heaviness of I’m not doing and being enough, and make the decision to become enough.

Then look for validation every day.

Don’t worry about being delusional – you want to be delusional. In fact you already are. You’ve deluded yourself into thinking you’re not one of the few who really make it.

Decide to be positively deluded instead. That every day you are more perfectly poised to achieve and receive your wildest dreams than you were the day before.

Feel there. Live there. Act from there.

That’s the way to who you want to be.
Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!