The FreshStart Guide to 2015

Ready for your best year yet?Hi! I'm Alexis-2

Let’s face it – New Year’s resolutions aren’t always cathartic. For you, they might be a downright discouraging reminder of how much you had hoped to accomplish and didn’t.

But, this year – instead of focusing on your past shortcomings, approach the change in calendar as a natural opportunity to prepare for what is coming next.

  • You can have the success you dream of
  • You can make those changes you keep meaning to get to
  • You can be the person you know you’re meant to be

You just need a framework to help you clarity your priorities, let go of what’s holding you back, and move you towards your vision.

The 30-page FreshStart guide will help you honor the gifts of 2014 and transition into 2015 with ease and clarity.

The specifically-designed exercises and two guided meditations will help you:

  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Identify where you’re going and who you intend to be &
  • Lay out the broad strokes of how to get there

As a strategic planner & yogi who loves rituals, planning, and intimate celebrations, the New Year is my own special happy place. It can be yours too.

The New Year is about you – it’s your time to refresh, integrate, and dream with grace, gratitude, and vision. 

This guide will help you.


Here’s what you get in the 30-page FreshStart guide for only $14.99:

chapter 1 square

The six specific questions in Chapter 1: Honor Your Past will help you dig deep into 2014, so you can pull out the best and leave behind the rest. 

Chapter 2 square

A guided visualization and meditaiton practice in Chapter 2: Release Your Past will help you let go of attachments and release negative memories so you can close the year and make room for the future.

Chapter 3 square

Visualizing is key to reaching your dreams. In Chapter 3: Call in Your Future, a guided meditation will help you visualize and embody your future, so you can move towards it with clarity and purpose.



Chapter 4 square

Most people never achieve their dreams because they are unclear about what they want. Eight carefully crafted questions in Chapter 4: Take Action will help you get clear on your vision, embody who you choose to be, and take steps towards living your ideal life.

Chapter 5 square

Despite your intentions, 2015 will be full of potential distractions, temptations, invitations, and work interruptions. Chapter 5: Make Space will help you get clear about who and what gets your attention in the New Year so you can move towards creating the life of your dreams.

Chapter 6 square

Finally, in Chapter 6: Move Forward, you’ll identify sure-fire ways to stay connected with how you want to feel, so you can stay on track moving towards the life you want.

The New Year is a bridge that we all have to cross.
But you can choose to cross with grace and intention.

Get your FreshStart guide for $14.99 now.