In my world it’s Freedom Friday — the day you reconnect with your joy and passion, let your true self shine through, and choose to feel good above all else.
But sometimes feeling good means clearing your plate of what weighs you down.

This weekend I’ve got my task ahead of me – clear out.

Whether your digital life is as cluttered as mine (see below), most of us have one area of our lives that feels heavy and overwhelming.
Unfortunately if you’re feeling drained and blocked in one area, that strain will show up in other areas.
Because your energy doesn’t neatly organize itself in self-contained boxes. It flows through you and around you, touching each part of your emotions, mindset, and actions.
Today, gift yourself the deepest care and do what it takes to free yourself.
It might not be the most adventurous or sexy activity, but it can be the most liberating.
Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!