It’s 1am the night before a big trip, so I’m going be straight with you. It may rub you the wrong way, but I’m tired of sugar-coating:

When you spend your time looking for reasons why your business isn’t working – and how to fix it – you’re just solidifying the problem.

Because for 99.9% of people, the problem isn’t a business problem.

You’re not missing out on money, success, happiness or fame because you haven’t mastered the right social media platform or passive funnel.

You’re struggling because you haven’t committed.

If you just got defensive – hear me out.

You may be committed to the idea of your business working. You may be committed to your dream of what your life could be like if it took off.

But success comes from being committed to the NOW – NO MATTER WHAT.

Not only if it works.
Not only if people buy.
Not only if you get enough likes and followers.

You may think you’re committed because you toil day in and day out to make it work.

Because you’ve invested money, put in the time, and tried every possible trick to gain traction.

But the 1 thing you haven’t tried is the only thing that matters.

You’ve got to bring it back to YOU.

The vast majority of new online business owners are searching for validation through their businesses.

You might believe you have something to offer, but you’re waiting for other people – through money and support – to prove that it’s valuable.

You’re waiting for someone else to say you’re worth it.

Sounds simple. But let’s look at what it means if you were really going to “fix” your problem.

It means not doing all the shit you think you’re supposed to do to succeed if it doesn’t feel good.

It means not toning down your language and molding yourself into pretty branding because you saw it work for someone else.

It means not pushing and pushing to see results in your business but INSTEAD looking for results within you.

Because the ONLY proving ground for success is you and how good you feel.

How ALIGNED you are with your own true purpose.

Which means, as your coach, I don’t give two shits if you spent 16 hours tweaking your sales page.

I could care less that you created a new product.

The ONLY thing that turns me on is that YOU tuned into YOU.

Did you make yourself laugh today?
Do you feel easy?
When you got on Facebook, was it fun to connect with people?

Because YOU are your greatest asset.

YOU are who people want to connect with, learn from, and shower with money and praise.

YOU are who people want to get to know, Facebook stalk, and talk about with their friends.

Not your business – YOU!

Mull that over. Let that sink in.

All this time you’ve been focused on your business – it’s only taking you further away from what will really help –> spending time and attention on YOU!

So here’s your challenge. This is the ONE KEY CHANGE my highest-performing clients make right before they break open to success. Consider it your $5000 bonus for the day:

**Please yourself first.**

Whatever you have to do today to feel on top of the world, do it. And do it FIRST.

BEFORE you send that email. BEFORE you post on FB. BEFORE you even do your mindset work.

Gift yourself your full focus and attention.

I know it’s scary. I get that it’s counter-intuitive. I’ve heard all the excuses why it’s wrong, socially unacceptable, and not okay.

Do it anyway.

With all your heart. With full commitment.

Give YOU top billing in your life.

Because when you live your message – when you BECOME YOU – your business becomes just an outlet for your awesome, not the source.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!


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