kiss light

Remember the butterflies-in-your-belly feeling of new love?

The exciting-yet-nerve-wracking anticipation when you really, really like someone but you haven’t kissed or revealed your feelings to them yet?

You can still think about other things, but you don’t want to. You just want to think about possibilities and when, if, and how it all might come together in a perfect, magical unfolding.

How come that phase is so deliciously wonderful in romance, yet sucks in other contexts?

In the rest of your life, if you’re unsure, you get anxious.

You wonder what you should do and how it’s going to work out. You feel stressed – you don’t have a clear picture of exactly how you can make your dreams happen. You want to take action, but have no idea what to do, so you worry.

You forget that – just like the days leading up to your last first kiss – you’re suspended in anticipation.

The pause before the inhale from which the rest of your life will arise.

What if instead of stressing, you made one subtle shift?

What if you decided that all the confusion and lack of clarity – the sense of incompletion – was the best part?

– You let the lack of knowing about who you’re meant to be lead to possibility instead of doubt.
– You reframe the confusion and frustration about how far you haven’t come yet into an opportunity to fall in love with the future you haven’t had yet.

Because your life is continually unfolding and expanding in every moment. Just like you can allow yourself to fall in love with the same person over and over each day, you can open to the joy of your future anew too.

Life only becomes stressful when, in the absence of security, you substitute worry.

So release the anxiety and choose hope. Try on excitement. Think positively about all the things that might be. Dream about the hundreds of ways that what you want may unfold in any moment – better and more wonderfully than you could ever imagine.

Let go of who you think you failed to be before. Because, just like in love, sometimes the one who you swore was perfect, was the wrong person at the wrong time.

Trust that the right life is unfolding for you in every moment, even when the breath-before-the-kiss-anticipation feels scary and insecure.

Walk with hope into the possibility, full of dreams about how delightful it’s just might be if it all works out.

Fall in love with life, so that you allow life to create one you’ll love.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!