Have you ever been flying high feeling really good on vacation or in life, then you pop your own bubble thinking – time to get back to real life!

It doesn’t feel very good.

Like you’re doing what has to be done – punching the clock on your own life.

That feeling got me thinking about my own choices and circumstances. Lord knows I’m not perfect and a number of aspects of my life don’t yet match up with my big dreams.

But I realized I’ve been caught in a trance of sorts.

Asking only for what I need now to keep up with my current reality, instead of seeking out what I truly want for my future.

Doing what I call negotiating for scraps with the Universe.

Do you get caught up in this too?

Pretending that some power outside of you is keeping track – determining how much love, happiness, money, and freedom you can have?

When in truth, you’ve set your own bar pretty low.

Low enough that being adored by your partner can trigger you to pick a fight.
Low enough that making a few extra hundred dollars feels so nerve-wracking, you manifest an equal quantity of bills to balance out the increase.
Low enough that you stopped dreaming about what’s possible and started settling for what’s reasonable.

It seems to me that’s a backwards way of going about life. In fact, as a strategist, I KNOW that’s not the way things work.

You have to set the vision first.

Get clear on the outcome and expectation, and then – and only then – let the supporting pieces fall in place to make it happen.

The trouble is that’s a lot easier to do when you’re strategizing a government response plan with tons of assets than it is in your own life.

Because in your own life, banking on your vision requires a giant heaping of TRUST.

You need patience to allow things to unfold.

Take this week for example – I’ve had aha moment after aha moment. Massive realizations and awakenings I’ve waited years to embody.

So what’s the first thing I do?

Celebrate, of course. But then almost as soon as the excitement’s over, I’m looking around for proof of my big dreams.

Where’s my giant check? Big house? Airline tickets to wherever I desire?

I want the external manifestation of my internal transformation NOW.

But life takes time. Achingly perfect time.

We want freedom now. We want contentment now.

We don’t want to wait and work and enjoy the process. We just want to be there already!

Alas, it doesn’t seem to work that way and this is the only reality that seems to be really worth facing:

That your only job is to 1) decide what you want and 2) take a MASSIVE leap of faith in your heart that it’s worth getting to, no matter how long the unfolding process takes.

Because life is always moving you towards what you most deeply desire.

So sit back, take a breath, TRUST it’s happening, and enjoy the ride.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!