Have you noticed that complaining seems to be our main form of bonding?

Last night I joined my first bike training session of the triathlon season – a 2-mile uphill climb route three times.

It was tough for a first ride of the year.

But the running dialogue in my head keeps me going:

“You’re strong”
“You’re built for this”
“Just a bit more”

But without fail, every time I’m next to someone, we complain about how hard it is, how much longer their is to go, etc.

Instantly I feel tired, drained, and worried.

The simple act of complaining throws you out of alignment and drains you of the vital energy you need to keep going.

Yet in the rest of our lives, we barely notice its effects.

We complain about the weather, traffic, work, free time, sports, news, politics, boredom, relationships – you name it, we share how miserable it is.

Why are we so afraid of being happy?

Today I challenge you to be mindful of your thoughts and words & share one bit of happiness instead of a complaint.

Notice how you feel when you connect with someone over joy instead of a complaint. How much energy do you have? Do you walk away smiling or stressed?

Tune in and discover what’s really going on for you.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!