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I used to look forward to the weekends so much when I worked for the government. It was like the weekdays weren’t my real life – that was something I reserved for Saturday and Sunday.

Then one night in 2009 – sitting home alone in my bedroom – I had the thought: “Tuesdays are my life too.”

Starting that day and for the next year, I asked myself the question that eventually changed my life:

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life. What will I do to celebrate?”

I kept a day planner next to my bed and every morning wrote what I intended to do that day to celebrate – eat a few fresh strawberries, take a walk, talk to a friend. Most of the time, they weren’t big things. Just little reminders that life was about gifting myself love, freedom, and joy.

At night, I’d jot down what I actually did (in case it was different) – sometimes having to scan my day in retrospect to find a moment of joy. But I always found one.

In truth, it didn’t matter if I acted deliberately in the moment or assigned meaning to an event after the fact. It was the act of searching for joy that made the difference.

This little “log of love” made such a difference to how I felt about myself and my life that I made another to share with a woman in my then rape-trauma counseling group who was struggling to find good in her life.

At the time, I made it by hand, but I’ve looked into printing them a few times. If you know of anyone who designs and prints things like this, please let me know! This is a powerful practice and I’d love to share it!

But the reason it’s powerful goes beyond looking for joy.

Too many of us struggle to feel good and make choices that honor our dreams because we feel like that’s not allowed right now. We come last on the list – behind work, family, kids, social expectations, church, and so on.

We’ve gotten so good at fitting the mold of what everyone else wants us to be, we forget that we have an opinion too. That we have a say in who we are.

This practice brings you back to you. What you like. What you want. What makes you happy.

This one shift will change your life.

I see it in client after client. Once you decide to re-claim your power to truly choose your life, you taste the infinite freedom and expansion you know you’re meant to feel. You go from feeling trapped by your circumstances to excited by your potential.

Because you know you have the power to truly lead your life – and create what you want, rather than be a bystander to it.

Of course, some people never make the switch. Almost all of my clients struggle for a few weeks in the beginning – I struggled for years – because putting yourself first is so foreign to most of us.

But it’s the most meaningful, life-changing work you could ever do.

It’s why my clients reach out years later to share their success stories – choosing to lead your life puts you on the path to creating the future of your dreams.

Are you ready to own your life & live out your purpose?

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!