At a woman’s conference yesterday, one of the panelist said “Clarity comes before courage”.

I almost raised my hand to interrupt, because after years of helping people get clear, I’ve learned quite the opposite.

Clarity comes from surrender, from trial and error, and from choosing to see yourself in the most radiant light.

All of which take courage.

It takes courage to own up to the fact that something feels off in your life.
It takes courage to shine the light of your awareness inwards to find true healing.
It takes courage to admit that you don’t have it all together and you wonder if you ever will.

But these are the first steps.

You have to accept and want to change what is before you can move into clarifying what might be. 

Then once you’re in motion, you’ll get clearer.

Each interaction and experience will give you feedback on what feels good and what feels bad – what you want to move towards and what you want to let go.

As you give more and more of your attention to what you love and what really matters, you’ll feel more buoyant and focused. You’ll get more clear.

It’s as if the things you thought you wanted fade into the landscape and the fulfillment you’re been truly seeking comes into focus right in the center of your view.

This type of clarity will give you confidence. You’ll be inspired to do, say, and be even more in alignment with the truth and clarity you’re discovering. It’s like an upward spiral, moving you continually closer towards your biggest dreams.

But the first step is your choice, and that choice takes courage.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!