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I’ve gotten to meet a lot of interesting people and enjoy a ton of adventures in my life so far.

But even though I’ve done a lot, I probably could have done even more.

Because opportunities continually pop up – we’re given chances to grow and change direction every day. Some we accept and some we pass over so quickly, we don’t even recognize them as the doorways they are.

But each one of us – even you – are gifted chances every day to make new choices. The decisions we make end up shaping our lives.

One of my former clients and now close friends, Mike Iamele, writes about this topic on his blog and now in his new book, Enough Already, out yesterday. He says we define our own success. I’d take it a step further and say we define our own failure too.

Because we get to choose everything.

That’s why being clear on your big vision is so important. Because you don’t just wake up one day already there. You make small, incremental changes. You make tiny decisions each day that gradually move you towards where, what, and who you want to be.

When you know the goal, it’s easier to navigate your path to it.

Imagine playing football without clearly defined goal posts. Or basketball without a net. The players would run around skillfully passing the ball and demonstrating their abilities, but their efforts would be in vain. There would be no reason to defend against the opponent because you’re not moving in any particular direction for any particular reason. You’re just spinning your wheels.

Goals give you direction. Goals give you impetus for action. That’s true for traditional career goals and goals like reading every book in the library or raising happy children.

You need a defined end state to know when to pass the ball and to whom. To know who to side-step and when to sprint.

Goals give you the parameters to make the decisions that move you towards what you want.

But I can hear you now – sure, Alexis, goals are important, but isn’t life about more than a promotion and mansion by the sea? Isn’t there stuff that’s more important than achieving?

Yes, absolutely. And this is where 99.9% of people get stuck in life.

They confuse their goals with their vision.

Your vision is about who you are and what you’re here to experience on a deep, soul level. Your goals are distinct, time-defined ways to move you closer to living that experience.

Most of us can come up with goals – $50,000 by July; publish a book; start my own business. But almost no one has a day-to-day conscious idea of their vision.

Which is why I love what I do so much. I help people see, know, and understand their big vision. Then translate it into clear, actionable goals like running a business or learning to meditate.

Because goals are the markers on the way to where you want to go. They let you know you’re getting closer. Achieving them isn’t actually the point, it’s just the step.

And we’re all somewhere along the path.

The key is to know which horizon to look towards so you can find your way.

Which is exactly what I’ll help you do in the six-week mastermind “Profit on Purpose: the strategic secrets behind building a business that makes money and feeds your soul”.

You’ll go step-by-step through my proven system to clarity your purpose and connect your actions to your vision, so that your business not only works but effortlessly enhances who you are.

Because actions aren’t the end goal – they’re the strategic effort you make on the way to true, aligned greatness.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!