The Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality

You’re a powerful woman. 

You run a kick-ass business that pays the bills and is changing the world.

But wearing the pants is wearing you down.

You love the thrill of the sale but all the striving leaves you feeling empty.

You mastered the man’s world and now you want something more. woman-433982_1280

You want to feel womanly – and that sure as hell better mean more than taking care of everyone else.

Because you’re already the boss, the mom, the taxi driver, and the care-giver. You’ve nailed being the capable, quaffed, scheduled woman, but you’re tired and depleted after all that giving.

Now you want more – you want to be YOU.

Divine, creative, open.

Vibrant. Sexy.

Moving with the flow of life and in touch with your deepest desires, strength, and power.

You want to feel tuned in. Tapped in. Turned on. 

You want the whole package – money, success, meaning, purpose. PLUS the love, passion, and connection you know you deserve – the kind that shakes the ground and moves the earth.

You know it’s possible. And you’re done settling for less.

Welcome to the Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality.

It’s time to discover what real feminine power feels like.

It’s time to own the Goddess that you are.

Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself.
Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home.”
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In this four-week virtual experience, you’ll discover how to

  • Awaken your divine feminine energy so that feeling like a woman means more than just multitasking.
  • Harness the power of your breath so your whole life is infused with energy and vitality.
  • Channel your sexual energy so that all of your relationships feel strong and intentional.
  • Heal your sacred sexual self so that you feel grounded, centered, and own your power as a passionate, virile goddess.

Because you’re more than just a body and mind. 

You’re the embodiment of Shakti – universal feminine energy. You are the pathway it chooses to express itself, here and now.

But all of that beautiful energy is wasted if you don’t know how to skillfully harness it in your life.

When I talk about your sex life I am also talking about your WHOLE life. We are sexual beings; our bodies are designed for pleasure, creativity, birthing (babies, ideas, businesses). We hold the universe in our womb, we are powerful, beautiful and we are here to help the planet feel and heal, in all the ways we do.”

– Tanja Diamond

In the Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality, you’ll learn how to access, raise, and channel your sexual energy, so that you can use the most powerful, vibrant and creative force available to you for your highest and best good.

statue-388896_1280You’ll improve your confidence, health, and relationships. Because energy is energy – it’s all connected.

When you channel energy sexually, you hold the key to creating intentionally.

And that translates directly into creating a business that nourishes you as a woman instead of draining you with demands.

Over the four week program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Align your most powerful, creative force with your desires to bring them to life.
  • Honor yourself through practices designed to enhance and enliven your well-being.
  • Surrender into your feminine nature and feel creative, womanly, and whole, so that you can create with ease and grace.

During the course, we’ll draw on both ancient and modern practices, including:

–   Movement and yoga poses to stimulate your sexual energy centers.
–   Yogic breathing practices designed to expand and hone your sexual power.
–   Tried-and-true methods to nurture yourself so that you feel cared for and fulfilled.

Because Tantric sexual practices aren’t about sex moves and contortionist poses. 

Tantra is about honoring the duality of masculine and feminine energies and allowing the divine feminine to flow through you and into the world.

In the process, it gifts you with

  • Greater confidence.
  • Better body image.
  • Improved overall health, including lower stress levels and increased serotonin (the happy hormone).
  • More energy & passion to devote to the things you love.
  • Happier and more fulfilling relationships.

The Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality experience is for bold women ready to embody their feminine power.

The practice can transform externalized, mechanical, routine sexual touch into a life-affirming, energizing, and spiritual practice.

It can help you embody your whole self so that you more easily navigate between the masculine demands of business and the feminine aspects of caring and creating.

Tantra can help heal your wounds and create the safety, trust, and connection you need to feel whole.

All Tantra asks in return is that you open to the power and possibility that awaits you beyond who and what you think you are now.

When you join The Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality, you’ll receive:

  1. A daily practice to help heighten and channel your sexual energy.
  2. A deep understanding of your body, desires, and the beliefs standing between you and your innate sensual nature.
  3. Access to a private Facebook community of women dedicated to sexual empowerment and awakening.
  4. Worksheets and guided inquiries to release limiting beliefs and conditioning.
  5. Bonus materials, including interviews, guided meditations, partner practices, and more.

In under 15-minutes a day, you could re-claim your divine feminine birthright – your sensual and sexual energy.

Begin your intimate, four-week experience now. Your investment is $500. You can add a private hour-long 1:1 session for $250 more.


Featuring Guest Experts


Liz DiAlto

Known for her raw and honest approach to body love and self-acceptance, Liz is a speaker, writer, coach and the creator of Wild Soul Movement, a sensual practice in self-discovery that combines movement, mantra, and meditation. Her mission is to get women out of their heads and into their bodies to connect with their powerful energy and trust their intuition.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]


Dr. Pam Denton

Dr. Pam is an author, speaker, and transformational coach who helps women ignite their goddess power within. Co-Founder of the Sacred O Coaching System, Dr. Pam helps women balance their masculine and feminine energies and explore the creative power of orgasm.



Maree Eddings

An energy coach, Maree helps people create synergy in all areas of their life. Her system helps you find your S.E.X.I, so that you feel clear, confident, and connected. Maree’s an expert at teaching you how to recognize, heal, and nurture you masculine and feminine energies.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]



Swami Santoshananda Saraswati

Also known as David Smith III, Swami Santoshananda Saraswati is a yoga and meditation teacher, Shaman, and practicing Pagan. He is a master of ritual and creative expression – from the stage to your sexual energy. Swami Santoshanada helps you find deep healing through energetic exploration and release.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]


Got questions? I’ve got answers.
kissing full body
How does the course work?
Once you join, you’ll receive a Welcome packet outlining exactly what to expect and how to make the most of your experience. Each week, you’ll receive a new practice on Wednesday. Each Friday, we’ll come together for a live Q&A to dig deep into what’s coming up for you and how best to integrate the practices into your life. The calls are all recorded in case you miss one or want to listen again.

What if I have no libido or sexual drive?
The Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality experience is specifically designed to help you reconnect with your sexual energy in a safe, nurturing environment. We’ll explore why your sexual energy is as it is now, how it got this way, and move you into who and how you’d rather be so you can feel fully radiant and alive.

My partner’s a dud. Will this make me dislike him even more?
When a part of your feminine beauty is off-balance or shut-down – often because you’ve been hurt, disappointed, or left to fend for yourself – it’s tempting to take control and move into your more masculine side. When you do this, it pushes a man into his feminine energy or shuts him down all together. In Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality, you’ll focus on awakening and embodying your feminine energy, so that you can interact with others from a place of wholeness and balance.

Do I need a male partner to join the program?
Nope! The techniques you’ll learn are designed to be practiced solo. The goal is to help you embody your own sexual energy so you can choose to channel it however you wish – into creative expression, your business, or your intimate life.

Do I have to masturbate as part of the program?
Sacred masturbation is an optional part of the course. There are other purely energetic practices you can hone if you are not ready, able, or willing to masturbate.

I have a history of sexual trauma and abuse. Is this right / safe for me?
As the keeper and caregiver of your soul, only you know what is right for you. That said, during the experience, you will learn how to create safety for yourself so that you can begin to heal. When you move into deep states of self-acceptance and begin to own your desires and sensual and sexual nature, old wounds may arise so that you can process them. Since your sexual energy is a powerful transformational force, these practices help you release old patterns and embody the woman you know you can be. I highly recommend adding a private session with me so that we can create a safe, supportive practice for you.

Isn’t Tantra just about the sexual positions outlined in the Kama Sutra?
Tantra describes a historical period in time, a philosophy, and specific sets of practices. As a philosophy, Tantra embraces the duality of life – the interplay of light and dark, good and evil, and masculine and feminine. The sacred sexual practices help you explore the paradox of experiencing divine union and Oneness through the duality of masculine and feminine.

I’m Catholic / Jewish / Atheist – do these practices contradict my faith?
You will learn practical skills to help increase, embrace, and accept your feminine energy. For many, these practices help you connect more deeply with the unseen spiritual mysteries of life.
Discover your true, sensual nature.

Join the Sacred Secrets of Tantric Sexuality today. The four-week journey starts as soon as you’re ready.

The self-guided course allows you to move through the material at your own pace, so that you have as much time as you need to integrate and truly embody the practices.

Your investment is $500. You can add a private hour-long 1:1 session to address your unique concerns for $250 more.


About Alexis – your guide to igniting the sacred feminine

blue shirt hand over heartIn many ways, I’m the least likely Tantrika.

In my 1/2 English, 1/2 WASP family, sexuality was not encouraged, nor even discussed growing up. On top of that, I muddled through 17 years of disempowering sexual experiences, book-ended by rape in both 1993 and 2009.

I retreated into my mind, becoming an award-winning strategist for the U.S. Government. I lived for strategic clarity – my brain was my safe space.

My job gave me power and authority. My soul was in hiding.

When I started my coaching business, I dove deep into the masculine aspects of sales and strategy, because that was my comfort zone.

But I soon felt stressed and ungrounded. I was disconnected to my body and holding my breath as I created failed offer after failed offer.

Something had to change.

I reconnected with the depth and beauty of yoga and the ancient art of empowered, embodied surrender.

My first experiences with sacred sexuality in 2011 were both nerve wracking and exciting. Finally – a practice that honored what I knew all along – sex is more than just an act! It’s a powerful force for transformation, connection and creation.

But the idea of owning my sexual nature terrified me. I barely even acknowledged I was a woman, let alone embraced it!

Yet Tantric practices asked me to step up as the woman – as the divine feminine incarnate – and lead.

With practice, I learned to focus on my own experience, feelings, and energy. When I finally surrendered and allowed the breathing practices to move through me fully, I felt the bliss and safety I’d longed for.

I learned to connect with my feminine desires and allow them healthy, healing expression.

Tantra gave me the tools to heal from trauma and hurt. It showed me how to be in and of myself.

Tantra gave me back my safety, my passion, and my connection to the world around me.

Now I want to share the practice with you.

Because I’ve been there. Sexually shut-down. Going through the motions. Wondering if greater connection – more meaning is possible.

It is. I can show you how.

Join now.

Your investment is $500. You can also add a private hour-long 1:1 session for only $250 more.





Refund Policy: Please be sure you are 100% committed to the program and life-changing opportunity it offers as I do not offer refunds or cancellations for this program. Sharing the beauty and power of Tantric practices is a spiritual experience for me, and creating a safe and permissive environment for the women of the group takes extraordinary focus and attention, starting from the moment you join. By using or purchasing my program you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided for any reason.