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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been saying you value yourself for years with no results.

You still keep attracting people who treat you poorly or experiences that make you feel less than stellar. Or perhaps you’re not earning any money – a clear sign of not valuing yourself.

So what gives?

You know you’re special. You know you’re valuable. You know you’re worthy of love and abundance.

Why doesn’t anyone else seem to get it?

They do. I promise.

The problem is you treat yourself like crap and that leaves a whole lot of room for others to do the same.

I know, I’ve been in that boat for years. And I just found the way out.

People who don’t value themselves tend to have one thing in common – fear.

You’re afraid of losing, missing out, and never getting what you want.

These fears lead you to cling for dear life to whatever you have now, even if it’s not even close to what you dream of. Combine that with an active imagination and damning sense of sentimentalism and you drag on for ages what should’ve ended at the first sign of trouble.

But there’s hope!

You CAN train others to treat you better. You CAN earn what you’re worth. You just have to learn how to treat yourself better first.

If you’re thinking – “Okay, EVERYONE says that, but how…?” I feel you. I wondered for years what it was I was doing wrong.

Here’s the secret: Leap.

You have to take a giant leap of faith that you will be supported – that you will get what you truly want – even if you let go of what you have now.

You will not miss out. You will not lose. You will make space to gain more than you ever imagined.

But you have to trust.

You have to trust yourself and those quiet whispers that tell you “not this, not now”. You have to trust God or the Universe that you’re supported and that you will be rewarded abundantly for your clarity.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Try these 3-steps to self-worth:

  1. Get super clear on what you want – especially, how you want to feel. This is my specialty; email me if you need help.
  2. Believe that you can have it. I use this yoga practice to raise my energy and sense of determination.
  3. Cut out all the shit in your life that makes you feel less than how you want to feel. No excuses, no delays, no kinda-sortas. If it’s not good, it’s gone.

Then revel in the amazingness that you are and enjoy all the good stuff speeding towards you!

That’s it!

It seems simple, but after years of struggling – losing one failed relationship after the next, under-earning, and feeling drained and depressed – I know it works.

Here’s what happened to me in just three days of valuing myself and drawing boundaries:

  • Told a new beau “see ya!” because he makes lifestyle choices I don’t want in my life = sold a product an hour later.
  • Reminded my ex not to contact me = signed 2 new clients.
  • Excused myself from a mastermind group because I’m over-committed = signed a new client.

Don’t get me wrong – choosing to value yourself isn’t always easy. I hit major resistance with each one of the examples above and had to push through fear and decision-remorse.

  • I second-guessed myself for hours after cutting it off with the beau, because a psychic told me he would heal my heart. But I didn’t feel honored, so it’s done.
  • Likewise, I adore my ex and miss him every day, but he chooses to offer me less than I deserve, so he’s gotta go.
  • And the mastermind group is full of heart-centered entrepreneurs who inspire and uplift me daily. But it wasn’t gelling, so I let it go.

Hard decision or not, there is no excuse for settling for less than what you want and deserve. The ways you deny yourself are exactly the ways the Universe will hold back from you – in love, joy, and money.

So get clear and then take a stand.

There is nothing more lovely than feeling like you stood out in front of your heart with arms outstretched to protect it from the world as you would a child from harm. This is what valuing yourself looks like and it feels great

So, tell me – what one way will you step up for yourself today?


p.s. I love this song to stay focused on me! It’s Me and You by She & Him: