If we’re friends on Facebook, then you’re probably one of the hundreds of people who’s commented, messaged, or texted me to say how happy I seem these past few months.

It’d be easy to look at the guy smiling next to me in my photos and assume it’s because of him – and in many ways, it is.

But we both know life is more complicated than that.

External events don’t make us happy. We get happy first, then our external circumstances change.

So here’s what you HAVEN’T seen going on behind the scenes of my smiling pictures:

10 years of personal development work, ranging from therapy to heal old wounds, improv & acting classes to confidently express myself better, and hundreds of books on inner peace and empowerment.

Extensive – and I mean extensive – body work to release the physical aspects of mental stress. I’ve spent close to $10,000 on body work with healers in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S. Although every penny was worth it, I discovered the body often stays stuck until the emotions change.

Which led me to…

2 years of energetic healing. I continue to deepen my energetic healing practices every day, both alone and with the support of gifted healers. I’ve found no parallel for the level of release, transformation, and freedom energy work provides. From all but eliminating my symptoms of fibromyalgia, to opening me to increased money and love – energy work is non-negotiable if you want to transform your life.

3 years of coaching and support. Most recently, I joined a pricey year-long program to improve my self-esteem and relationships with men. Thanks to this program, I’ve been able to clear a LOT of my negative beliefs and habits that were blocking me from creating the type of life and relationships I desire. Plus I’ve learned new skills to cement and support my preferred vision instead.

But Alexis”, I hear you say, “What if you don’t have the time or money to invest a decade and tens of thousands of dollars in your healing? What can you do NOW to jumpstart your life and live your dreams?”

From my experience, two things make the biggest difference:

1) Get clear on who you are, what you want, and what makes you happy.
2) Clear out the negative crap that’s blocking you from allowing – and then acting on – that clarity.

What does that mean?

When you’re not willing or able to see your purpose in life, including what you value, how you want to feel, and who you want to be – then it’s next to impossible to build a meaningful life and/or career. After all, you don’t even know what ‘meaningful’ looks or feels like to you.

So you’ve got to do a little dance: Clear a block to seeing your purpose; take a step to live it right now. Clear another block to seeing your purpose; take another step to live it right now.

Rinse and repeat.

Stepping into your calling and fulfilling your purpose isn’t a one-time event. It’s not like you wake up one day and are all of a sudden who you always dreamed you’d be.

You take baby steps along the way.

You gain clarity and take action. Gain more clarity and take more action. It’s a process of growth – of slowly peeling back the layers of your disempowering beliefs until the truth of you can shine through unobstructed.

Because that light is your truth. You are already whole, perfect, and capable. You’re just drowning out your essence with layers of socially-constructed fears.

Which is exactly why I’ve partnered with Marie Houlden for the live 6-week program to Awaken Your Soul & Remember Your Purpose and why I want YOU to join.

Marie and I have taken the most effective and powerful parts of our work as a strategist (me) and energy healer (Marie) and combined them –> so that you can get clear on who you are, what your soul’s here to do, and then unleash yourself to live it NOW.

Not in 10 years like it took me.
Not after spending your entire life’s savings like I did.
Right NOW.

Because you deserve to:

  • Live your purpose.
  • Make money doing what you love
  • Trust your intuition
  • Feel confident in who you are
  • Live a meaningful & amazing life

But let’s stop pretending that you can get there alone by wishing and hoping.

I know firsthand what it takes to surrender to your greatness, accept your bigger purpose, and let go of the sabotaging habits that block you from embracing your calling.

I got help and it changed my life – in business, love, and money.

Now I invite you to join us for a transformational 6-weeks to Awaken Your Soul & Remember Your Purpose.

You’ll receive:

  1. Six group calls with me to discover and embrace your calling. (Tuesdays at 9pm London / 4pm NY)
  2. Six group calls with Marie to identify and release your energetic blocks to living your purpose. (Thursdays at 9pm London / 4pm NY)
  3. A 60-minute private energy healing session with Marie to cleanse and clear your chakras, raise your vibration, and strengthen your connection to your higher self.
  4. A 20-minute private strategy session with me to help you get clear your purpose and claim your BIG message in the world.

PLUS our daily support in a private Facebook group to that you feel supported, uplifted, and ready to live your purpose.

There are bonuses too, but I’m not telling you about this because of extras that sweeten the deal (though they’re awesome).

I’m taking the time to write all this, because I know it takes – from my own personal experience – to get from where you are now to where you want to go.

It takes support.

It takes mindset shifts.

It takes an expert like me to help you crystallize your purpose so that you can uncover your soul’s big message in the world.

Then it takes someone like Marie – who’s skilled in guiding you to your truth on a deeper, energetic level – to help you release the walls you’ve erected to block yourself from moving forward.

We’re ready to help you. Are you ready to transform?

The program start next Tuesday, October 25th.

Learn more and check out the bonuses here:

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!


p.s. The photo of me is smiling while hiking on a glacier during last month’s trip to Iceland. You deserve to smile like this too. Join us here: