Last night at dinner with ladies in my Mastermind group – (did you know I run small group Masterminds to help you discover & live your purpose? New ones are starting in January – email me for details & to see if it’s a fit for you!) – one woman casually dropped a #truthbomb on us that had me laughing so hard I almost cried.

A woman mentioned she had boxes of scrapbooking supplies in her basement.

“You know you have to do more than buy the supplies to be a scrapbooker, right?”

And there it was. The total truth.

Whether you dream of being an author, speaker, avid gardener, or yogi, just dreaming won’t get actually you there.

You have to do the work.

To write a book, you have to actually sit down and write.
To start speaking, you have to actually reach out to people and pitch your speeches.
To be more flexible / thinner / energized, you have to actually get moving each day.

Long story short, you have to take action to see the results you hope to do, be, or become.

It’s that simple.

So ask yourself – what have you been meaning to do but haven’t taken the daily or weekly steps to make it happen?

Get real about if you really want it, and if you do, build time into your life to prioritize it. That’s all it takes – a decision followed by consistent action.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!