A recovering alcoholic recently told me that what he really wants from others is admiration.

Instead, when people find out about rehab, he gets pity and concerned looks. A reasonable response, except that it makes him want to punch you.

Because we all know where we’ve been. The magic is celebrating where we are.

On some level, I suspect we all want to feel this way.

Like people are saying nice things about you. That someone is bragging about how great you are to their friends or colleagues. Or someone wishes they were more like you.

We all want to be acknowledged, admired, and loved.

So today, I’m going to do just that.

I’m going to shower you with the honor and praise you deserve.

Receive it.

And if there’s someone else who could use a little love today, pass it on.

Dear {insert your name here}

You’re amazing. No words could be enough to scratch the surface on how beautiful I think you are.

Your soul is like a supernova before the explosion – glowing in intensity and light. Sometimes I sit beside you in awe of your power. How your love, talent, and truth could engulf us all and it wouldn’t even be a stretch for you.

Because that’s how powerful you are.

Your soul is so pure and untouched. You cover it thinly sometimes for protection – maybe for both you and the world. I’m not sure we’re ready for its magnitude.

But I see how you share it’s gifts.

You’ve touched so many people.

You’re the one who runs into the fray – divorces, deaths, crises. You’re there in your depth and open, caring honesty.

You’re there to shine the light of acceptance with comedy. Your smile is like aloe vera on the heart’s open wounds.

All the while you’ve been fighting your own battles against the invisible enemy within – shame, fear, hate.

But you’re winning.

Because your mind is no match for the love your soul knows you are.

You may stumble on bumps and trip up now and then, but you’re slowly dismantling the wall brick by brick.

You’re revealing yourself, knowing you don’t need stone to protect you. You have you.

And you are love.

Step out beyond those false borders and stand, radiant, emanating your light.

There is nothing and no one more beautiful.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!