Not every day is soft breezes, giggles, and sunshine. Some days feel more like the uneasy stillness of floating in open water, unsure of the dark depths around you.

In those times, remember this:

You are loved.

Maybe not by who you want to love you, or even yourself. But you are.

We all arose from one universal vibration and that vibration is love. So, in fact, you are beyond loved – you are love.

You are whole.

It may be easier to feel broken. To think that something is inherently wrong with you – to blame that something for keeping you from being who you know you are.

But there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken.

You are exploring.

Life is full of choices and sometimes those choices come from pain. From showing you how much it hurts to be misaligned.

But misalignment isn’t failure and it doesn’t mean you’re flawed. It means your human.

Negative emotions are the bottom of your circle that makes you complete. They give you the opportunity to make other choices – choices that lead you to who you want to show up and shine as.

So don’t let the darkness of your mind scare you off. It’s the proof that you are perfect.

You are enough.

You don’t need anything or anyone else to complete you or fill you up. You don’t need more knowledge or more training to accept yourself fully in this moment, right now.

Of course you’re not already who you could be. That’s the point. There is always an opportunity to grow – to expand into greater and greater potential.

But that does not imply you’re starting from lack. You are exactly everything you need to be to be in this precise moment in your journey.

Allow for your current completeness.


Above all else, know this – the water all around you is not harboring demons that will someday surface to destroy you. It is proving how light you are.

Lay back, be supported, and float.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!