I don’t like suspense. I’d much rather know the end of the movie so that I can enjoy the process of how it unfolds.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, life doesn’t seem to work that way.

In fact, life seems to be the exact opposite!

You have to continually let go of expectations and your own ideas of what “should” happen and trustingly go with the flow.

Because life requires one thing – that you show up.

But many of us aren’t showing up. We’re holding back, waiting and judging.

You want life to give to you before you give to it. As if it needs to prove itself.

You meet a great girl / guy but don’t pursue it because you’re still stuck feeling sad and angry that the last one didn’t work out like you hoped.

You can’t see the gift in front of you because you’re too attached to wanting life your way – how you envisioned.

The same is true in business.

You play a conditional dance of acceptance and shame:

If your business makes money, then you accept it. Then you really commit.

But until then, your fledgling career is like your strange brother when you’re in middle school. You’re afraid to say it’s yours and embarrassed of it in public even though you secretly love it at home.

Both of these experiences have one common solution: Surrender.

Give up your need to determine how your life unfolds.

Because the how isn’t up to you.

You can point your ship and steer your best, but then you have to let yourself be guided by the winds of opportunity and divine timing.

Because it’s only when you relinquish control that you can fully appreciate what you’re given.

Surrendering is vulnerable. Gratitude is tender.

It opens you to feeling connected, whole, and eek! – dependent.

Gratitude helps you realize how small you are and how miraculous life is.

It helps you see that you always get what you need, even when it’s not always what you thought you wanted. That it’s the unexpected chances that led you to what you love most – not your clear and logical decisions.

It’s vulnerable to know you’re not in control. But you can determine how the outcome feels.

Get clear on what you most want to experience and feel in your life. Have fun envisioning all the ways it could possibly come true.

Then surrender even your best guess to the potential that so much more is possible.

“This or something better…” can be your best friend and favorite motto.

Because even if you can’t predict every twist and turn, you can enjoy the ride.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!