I rarely go to yoga class at 5:45 in the morning, but today I did and I’m glad. Because while guiding us through tree pose (below), the teacher said this:

“Balancing is about strengthening the small stabilizing muscles around the joints. You’re going to wobble. Don’t resist the wobble or you’ll fall.
Life will always throw you off balance – sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ways. It’s not about being unmoving. It about learning how to stabilize and roll with it.”

Let that truth sink in for a moment:

Life isn’t about getting it right and holding steady. Life is about learning to recalibrate when you’re thrown off.


Which made think of you.

Every week day I share with you my best insights and advice on how to live the life you really want. But sometimes I wonder if it comes across as pressure. Or feeds into the false perception that you can be perfect – and if you were just trying hard enough, you’d be there already.

That’s not the intent.

My goal is to help you strengthen your stabilizing muscles.

To point you towards you the tools, knowledge, and inner wisdom that will help you withstand whatever wobbles life brings. So that you can always find your way back to center – to the course you set for your life.

That’s why your vision matters. That’s why your daily practice is key. That’s why it’s so important to embody how you want to feel.

Because that’s how you find your way home to you.

In the end, it doesn’t matter much which practices you choose. I’ll keep sharing what works for me and what I know to be true to help you along the way.

What matters is that you’re out there wobbling.

You’re exploring your own boundaries of joy and sadness, fear and excitement, and everything in between. You’re testing your capacity to grow and change and feel. Every day, you’re making your way towards your vision in little course-correcting steps.

So think about what stabilizing muscles you’ve been relying on lately – your relationships, faith, hobbies, friends.

How strong are they?
Are they working overtime to bring you back to center while you flail from side to side?
Or are they weak, causing you to grip even tighter and resist even the slightest bend?

Make it your mission to give your support systems the tender loving care they deserve. Whether it’s a daily ritual or spouse – these are the ways in which you navigate your life to point towards the future you desire.

Fortify them.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!