Have you ever had a really long to-do list but then something happens – you’re tired, your kid stays home sick, or a friend visits – and all of a sudden you can’t remember what felt so important to do?

I love these times because they gently show you all the ways you’ve unsuspectingly bought into what other people think you should be doing.

In other words, they give you back your sense of self and your priorities.

So many of us chain ourselves to our work and push to do more and more and more. I’m one of them – it’s exhausting.

It’s also premised on the idea of “not enough”.

Not enough time.
Not enough help.
Not enough money.
Not enough creative expression.

That you’re not enough without doing, being, or making more.

Ironically that feeling drains your creativity and sets you up to look outside of yourself for validation.

Even that one small step removed can have disastrous consequences on your ability to tell what’s important and really matters to you. Let alone align with your purpose in the world and feel good as you fulfill it.

Here are two daily considerations to keep yourself tightly tethered to who you are beyond demands and expectations:

1. Do YOUR work.
Not the work you do for others, but the work you do because it’s your unique perspective and creation in the world.

Writing, dancing, cooking, helping, building, singing, filming, gardening – it doesn’t matter what it is.

Life is trying to express its beauty through you and you must let it out to allow more in.

2. Lay the foundation for your work.
For me this is meditation and jounalling. For you it might be morning exercise, reading an inspiring book, taking a walk, or spending 5 minutes alone looking out the window.

You’ve got to do the thing that let’s you hear your own voice over the demands and desires of the world.

This is cherished time that lets you move beyond who you happen to be into the potential-filled space of who you truly are.

These two habits – creating space for your creativity and then allowing it to flow out – are the most fulfilling and important ways you could spend your time, because they give you back YOU.

So stop pushing you to the bottom of the to-do list. Tune into what needs to come from you today and follow that.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU.


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