When I opened my eyes this morning, I saw the early morning sun reflecting in my water bottle.

In my half-awake state, I admired the beauty of these gifts we so easily take for granted:

Light. Water. Air.

It’s easy to get tripped up thinking you don’t have enough time, money, love, clarity, focus, opportunity, connections – the list of what you worry you’re lacking could go on and on.

But the key to receiving everything you ever wanted plus more is as simple as recognizing the sun keeps rising and your breath keeps flowing.

You don’t have to strain for what sustains you. It is given.

Many of us block our ability to receive by being defensive. By thinking life is somehow withholding from us.

But look around – that can’t possibly be true. You always have enough air. We always have enough light for life to continue and plants to grow.

Money or love or time is no different. The key is to stop thinking of it as something outside of you that you need to cajole into your life, and start realizing you deserve it just as much as you deserve the air your breathe.

If this idea sparks your interest but you’re not quite fully there in your beliefs yet, meditate on this:

How is life showing me it’s abundance?

Then write down what you discover. Brainstorm all the ways there is no bottom – to diversity, variety, resources, emotions.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!