Have you heard the phrase “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink“?

If you’re like me, you probably use it to verbally eye roll over people who clearly just don’t ‘get it’.

But what if you’re the horse?

What if – right now – someone is desperately trying to help you get exactly what you want and you’re just not getting it?

Instead you’re doing the same old things that are keeping you stuck and metaphorically dying of thirst:

Blaming money for why you can’t right now.
Lamenting opportunities that come to others but not you.
Saying no to GIFTS from the Universe, divinely timed to help you right now.

It’s so obvious when you see other people doing it, but everyone else is just a mirror for you.

So how are you ignoring the blatant solution right in front of you?

Maybe you need to heed the advice you been hearing over and over from multiple sources. Or say yes to the next step with someone, even though you’re not 100% sure how it will unfold.

The key is to open your mind to the possibility that ANYTHING could be the water you so desperately want – not just the gifts that arrive in pretty bottles with clear labels.

All you have to do is say yes.

Drop your search and notice what’s already here waiting to help you move forward.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!