The idea that you have to look for your purpose is preposterous.

The essence of who you are does NOT come from outside of you!

That’s like asking an orange how it gets its vitamin C.

It’s just part of what an orange is.

Just like your purpose is part of who you are.

You already have everything you need to live your truth – built into you right now, as you are.

God / Life / Source didn’t cook you half way.

It’s not like you’re a cookie Life forgot in the oven and then thought ‘oh well, better luck next time‘.


You are 100% whole!

100% complete!

100% capable of being your full, meaning-filled, joyful self right now!

But instead of owning that and making waves from a deep place of KNOWING, you keep repeating the same old draining stories to yourself:

I don’t know who I am.
I don’t know what to do.
I don’t how to break out of this ‘meh’ and feel truly happy.

When, in reality, you already have all the answers within you!

Now I know this isn’t an easy pill to swallow…

I would have much rather found the answers to my confusion in my partner, job, business, yoga, heck, even cookies or wine!

That’s soooo much easier.

To just keep looking.

To feel like you’ll be happy once you get there. Once you find the perfect person / town / job / weight….

But it doesn’t work that way.

You’re not missing anything.

So you can’t find what you need OUT THERE.

You already are it.


Which means to live your truth, you’ve got to go within.

You’ve got to unleash what’s already YOU.

You’ve got to face all the ways and places you’ve closed yourself off to already being your divine, aligned, purpose-filled self & then CHOOSE – again and again – to open to the truth of who you really are.

Not because you’re the PROBLEM, but because you’re the SOLUTION.

In meditation today, I was breathing deeply into my middle back – the part where your ribs and lower spine meet and I hold myself really tightly and get stiff.

As I breathed into my spine and felt my muscles loosen and expand, I thought “yes! Open to God here – let grace fill you so you can receive more!

Immediately I got schooled with the truth:

You have all the answers.
You already have all the tools.
You don’t need anything from outside of you to fix or save you. It’s already all within.

Then I felt it rise within my spine – the hot, soul-stirring power of kundalini life force, shaking me back to reality.

You are your truth.

You are your purpose.

Your only barrier is how much you let yourself EMBRACE and LIVE it.

So I let her shake me.

Shake my body. Shake my neck and head. Shake my legs and my belly. Shaking me awake. Shaking me back to reality that I already AM.

Yes, it feels scary!

Of course it’s weird and alarming to feel moved on a deeper level – stirred at your CORE.

But isn’t that what you’re really craving?

If you’re real with yourself for just a moment, isn’t that what you’re asking for?

For Life to move you? To shake you? To awaken you so you can live your POWERFUL truth with integrity, strength, confidence, and COURAGE?

That courage doesn’t come from outside, love.

It comes from facing your own fears within.

Your own fears of yourself and who you might really be:

Your power.
Your brilliance.
Your infinite, inherent, already-whole grace.

If you want to feel how you know you’re meant to feel – connected, aligned, expansive, filled with the divine, creative energy of Source itself – then THIS is how you get there.

You start with you.

And only you.

For as long as it takes to ease yourself into dropping your own walls of fear, insecurity, doubt, and confusion…

As you simultaneously root yourself in your deeper truth.

That you ARE your purpose.

You ARE your joy.

You know how to create your own meaningful, lasting happiness, because it IS who you are.

It’s your inherent truth at your core.

This is what I’ll help you do in the 6-week journey to Living Your Truth.

Awaken what’s already within you:

– your purpose
– your soul’s vision
– your deep, inner fulfillment

And find the inner courage to take action to live your truth daily.

Because it’s not a matter of FINDING your answers; it’s a question of CHOOSING them.

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You deserve to live your truth.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!

In love,