When I started working at the pub in New Zealand, I was the worst waitress they’d ever hired. Not because I didn’t know how to serve, but because I didn’t speak their language.

(Yes, I know NZ is English-speaking; keep reading :-))

For the first few days, people would order things and I didn’t know if what they named was a food, or drink, or even existed at all.

Lemon & Paeroa? I could’ve sworn Paeroa is a town… 
Scotch fillet? Isn’t scotch a liquid? 
Banoffee? Pretty sure you’re just making that up

I’d been a vegetarian for years, didn’t drink at the time, and hadn’t availed myself of the pub culture.

Luckily it doesn’t make you stupid or incapable just because you don’t know something yet. I learned and got better and now speak both meat and alcohol fluently in Kiwi.

But just because I mastered my job at the pub doesn’t mean I should work there forever. 

It just means I’m able to learn and grow proficient at whatever I devote my time and attention to. Which is good – and how it should be.

Unfortunately many of us struggle with the belief that because we’re good at something, that means we should do it.

The old – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – adage kicks in.

But what if what you’re good at isn’t what you want?

It may come as a surprise to you, but I struggle with this a lot lately.

I was phenomenal in my government career – I flew up the ranks, founded my own team, and represented my Department on White House Committees. I got awards, recognition, and promotions – it was a dream career.

So now, when I struggle to figure out how to make a microphone work or use a new online business tool, I remember how empowered and successful I felt in the government and wonder if I’m kidding myself in this business.

Maybe I should just go back to what I know. Maybe I should’ve just stayed doing what was easy and good enough.

Then I remember – my government career didn’t start “successful” either. My first two years – even my first 4 months in my ideal office – were painful.

I was full of doubt about the work and my abilities. I couldn’t find a way to meaningfully contribute and I didn’t speak the language that seemed to come so easily to others. But I persevered and succeeded and built a career others envied.

And then I quit.


Success, ease, money – none of it matters if you’re unfulfilled. If you KNOW you could do more, be more, challenge yourself more, and are wasting your time letting the days slip by.

You may seem to have the world at your fingertips to others, but only you know if your heart whispers “what if…”

I know it’s scary, I know it feels insecure, I know it may be hard and filled with days of desperate tears and text messages to the only friend who understands – but following your heart is the only way to lead your best possible life.

It’s the only way to know if you could’ve done it. If you could’ve been that person. If you could’ve made it work.

It’s the only way to test your boundaries and know you did everything you can to expand into your full potential in this one, precious life.

So if you’re a professor who dreams of opening a restaurant, what are you waiting for? Go shadow a cafe owner, run the numbers, and look at properties.

If you’re a waitress who wants to be an author – hire a book coach, get writing on your daily calendar, and start typing.

The ONLY things standing between you and “what if…” are faith in who you are, what you want, and the belief that you can do it.

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