Last week, I was reminded of a key truth of life.

One of my favorite coaches – Kat Loterzo – said a plane is never on course when flying. Instead the pilot is continually adjusting the direction back and forth.

The plane is “off-course” 100% of the time.

The same is true in life – you’re constantly adapting and adjusting. You move, change, align, learn, and then change again.

That’s why planning isn’t about executing exactly what you planned to do.

It’s about aligning yourself to your truest, highest vision so you know where to aim. 

If you don’t know what you really want – if you don’t know who you really are & how you most deeply want to feel – you won’t know how to adjust your course.

You won’t have the coordinates plugged in to consistently re-aim.

Planes get where they’re going because they have a destination.

What is your destination?

Do you know how it feels?

Do you know how to connect with those feelings on a daily basis?

When you’re off course, do you know how to adjust?

Do you know what practices, people, thoughts, and actions help you re-align?

This is why you plan.

Feeling the ultimate feeling – which for me is inner freedom – isn’t an end state. It’s a process of continual refinement. 

I wouldn’t know what it feels like to be free if I didn’t know what it feels like to feel trapped, hemmed in, unhappy, burdened, encumbered – all the ways I don’t want to feel.

Likewise I won’t know what moves me closer to feeling how I want to feel if I don’t know what makes me feel farther off.

But unlike a plane, it’s okay if I don’t ever achieve my destination. In fact, that’s as it should be, because my potential is boundless.

My ability to grow, achieve, and expand is endless. I can be happier than I can imagine right now. I can learn, teach, connect, and love far beyond what I think is possible right now.

I can’t know what the end state will be because it’s bigger and better than I can even contemplate.

The best I can do is aim for the highest possible feeling I can bring into my experience right now and then work my ass off to get closer to it.

So if you want to experience feeling off course, go for it. If you want to spend your time wallowing in thinking those crummy feelings are who you are and there’s nothing more, go ahead and believe that.

But if you’re ready to own what you don’t like and use it as a springboard to move towards being more you and closer to your dreams – closer to the life beyond your imagination – then let’s get strategizing.

Let’s get crystal clear about what you want.

Let’s get 100% in touch with how you want to feel.

Let’s figure out exactly how you can revisit, recreate and revive those feelings every day.

So you can start being who you’re meant to be and aim for your best life.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU.