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“Hey, it’s Alexis from alexispierce.com.

I’m out here hiking alone in the woods and I thought – wow – I’m really alone. How pleasant, it’s so quiet. And – oh, but it’s also kind of scary. I mean, what if something happens? Don’t worry – I have a walkie talkie with me.

But then I realized, actually thinking that I’m alone, it just means I’m not paying enough attention. Because the minute I get quiet, I realize – I’m not alone. There’s bugs. I look down, there’s ants, there’s spiders, there’s frogs, there’s salamanders, there’s birds if I’m quiet enough. There’s deer. There’s probably bear in here.

I’m not alone; I can’t be alone. And that got me thinking. Well, actually – look at all the trees, look at all the plants – I’m not alone. And even though I might get up and walk, I look at these trees, and you see – they’re all connected to the ground. I mean, each one of these trees is growing out of the same ground.

So they may be separate – they may be individual entities, but they’re part of the same energy. Just like each leaf on the tree; it may separate out into it’s own individual leaf, but it’s coming up. It’s an expression of the same source. It’s an expression of the same energy.

And so am I.

Just because I can lift my feet and move and I haven’t yet seen a tree do that, though maybe you have, but I haven’t yet seen a tree pick up and move or a plant pick up and move. Just because I can, doesn’t mean that I’m not also something that’s springing out of that central energy.

And like a blade of grass, you and I are just individual expressions of the same source, of the same unity.

And so we’re never alone, really. We just can’t be.

We can’t be separated from that, even though I move my legs. Even though I walk independently and I think – oh, I’m all by myself here in this skin, in this structure that’s just mine. All of this vibrancy that comes through me, all the breath that comes through me – that’s connected.

That’s connected to you and it’s connected to everything around.

And so if you’re feeling alone, pay close attention. Pay more attention. Look at all the things around you that you can’t be separated from and know that you are inherently connected to everything else.

You’re not alone. I’m not alone. We’re all together. You and me – we’re together. I’m looking at you. Yep, yep.

Alright. Love ya! Bye!”

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