baby mirror


Yesterday at a memorial service for my great aunt, I got to thinking about all the living we don’t allow ourselves to do.
Listening to my loved ones describe their varied memories of the same woman, I noticed a few common threads – kindness, presence, a good listener.
I started thinking – perhaps my great aunt realized many of the truths people like you and I aim to embody.
Perhaps at each of the hundred daily junctions – when you get to decide who you want to be – she chose the same clear path each time.
The path to kindness, compassion, and presence.
So who would you be?
Who would you be if you chose for you and who you know you are deep down – not what you think is expected of you and who you have to be?
Feel into your answers to these 17 questions then ask yourself – where will you make a different choice today?


Who would you be if…

You didn’t wait?

You knew this was your only life and you only get one chance?

You really believed in who you could be – who you truly are?

You loved yourself 100%, beyond all reasonable amounts, and even past the point you think is pompous?

You stood up right now and looked at yourself in the mirror and said “I accept you”? Or even better “I accept you fully, now, with an open mind and a welcoming heart”?

You met every person with curiosity, wondering what you can learn instead of proving how you’re above?

You were so fully alive in this moment that you actually listened to the person speaking to you – you were actually present for their living?

You chose to be kind over right, even with yourself?

You chose to laugh instead of lecture? Or hug instead of scold?

You unclenched your jaw, drew your eyes back into your head, and took a big breath into your belly? You were soft and receptive?

You said I love you to you – for no reason – right now?

You stopped being professional and were just human at work?

You cried because life moves you with its beauty and your wonder? Or when you’re hurt or in love. Grateful or scared. What if you let it out instead of steeling it in?

You decided right this moment that you’ll fully be you? That you don’t need to mold yourself into roles and norms and “how it’s always been”.

You breathed deeply and calmly and spread out your arms as if you’re standing on a mountain, opening your heart – taking it all in?

You shone and shook and screamed? Cried and laughed and talked – smiled your heavenly smile?

You just were?

Just you. Just now.

Fully perfect and already whole.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!