Lots of things are worth worrying about. Luckily the ones you’re focused on aren’t on the list.

Last week I decided to make a list of all the things I’m responsible for in life. I got quiet and asked what I need to do to fulfill my dreams.

I was expecting a long list of expansive tasks and a few great project ideas.

Instead I got this:



Not exactly what I was thinking. But on a deeper level, I realized it’s true!

Yes, I need to take action when inspiration strikes, but I don’t need to take on the stress of thinking up the great thoughts.

Yes, I need to take advantage and be open to opportunities when they come, but I don’t have to force it and hawk myself trying to find them.

Your role in life is a gentle one of preparing, opening, and allowing.

Tara Mullarky, a life coach in California, wrote last week about the importance of saying yes. She shared:

“If something crosses your path, it’s not by mistake.
You have called it in.
It may not look the way you want it to.
It may not sound the way you thought it would.

Your immediate reaction may be NO.
I know we’ve gotten on the self-love train and learned to say no to take care of ourselves.

What if you truly lived by the energetic force of the universe?
What if you were so in the flow that you were only calling in your divine path here on Earth?

You would trust that every charged glance, or email with an opportunity, invitation to a party, or meeting of a stranger IS perfectly designed to give you what you’ve been asking for.”

(Read the full post here)

She points to a truth that goes beyond what many of us can comprehend – our prayers are being answered.

Every minute of every day, our deepest wishes and desires are being gifted to us. We just might not recognize them.

Because they don’t come neatly wrapped and fully formed. They come as flower does – first, as a small seed.

It’s up to us to water and nurture opportunity in our lives until it grows to bear fruit beyond our original dreams.

It’s up to us to believe the answer is already there.

But admittedly living this way requires a level of trust that most of us haven’t yet cultivated in ourselves or in life / God / the Universe – whatever you want to call it.

We’re impatient. We want the fruit now and we don’t believe there’s a better time or way to get it.

So you push and strive and argue. You negotiate with God, failing to see that the gifts have already been given. They were the moment the need arose.

You just didn’t accept it. You didn’t say yes. You didn’t believe you were in this together.

You pushed as if you were alone, but you aren’t.

You’re in a co-creative world.

So take charge of your piece. Open, listen, and follow in faith.

Not faith for a doctrine or external rules. But faith in your inner guidance, the voice that gently leads you to exactly what and exactly who, exactly when you most need to be there.

Your answers are there.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!