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April 2018

Prana Vidya Workshop {in person}

April 14, 2018 – 10am – 3pm NY time
Center of Grace, 8219 Market Place, Manlius, NY 

Discover yoga’s most famous technique to promote health & wellbeing! Prana Vidya is an ancient 6-step practice to increase your vital energy, or Prana, and direct it with intention to restore wellbeing in yourself and others. In this Workshop you will learn how to: 

⭐️ build and channel your energy through your energetic system,
⭐️ harness the power of your root and 3rd eye chakras, and 
⭐️ enhance the health of yourself and others through yoga. 

We will begin with a foundation in the chakras, learn the technique step-by-step, and end with an exploration of distance practicing. 

All levels are welcome. Bring a pen, notebook, and light snack/lunch. 

** 5 CE credits are available for yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance.

Register here: http://bit.ly/2C9BI22
Yoga teachers earning 5 CE credits reserve here: http://bit.ly/2ojXc2M


Standing in Soul Desire Mastermind {in person}

Thursdays April 5 – June 21 – 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Center of Grace, 8219 Market Place, Manlius, NY 

A 12-week Mastermind group to help you live with more clarity, ease, and joy. This is for you if you are tired of feeling confused, unhappy, and like something has to change, but you are not sure how or what. You will discover what makes you feel alive, gain clarity and confidence about who you are and what you desire, and lay the foundation for an unshakable joy, so you can live a happy, whole, meaningful life.

Join through the Center of Grace HERE.


Looking for something more personal?

I also offer private coaching, retreats, and VIP experiences – both in person and online – to help you discover and live your soul’s greatest truth and joy. Schedule your complimentary call with me to explore the best option for you HERE.