Most of us are lucky to have our dreams come true throughout our lives. Unfortunately, few of us recognize them when they do.

Because dreams don’t always look like the perfect, easy answer you thought they would. They might not solve all your worries and take away your financial woes.

In fact, sometimes your wildest dreams can hurt more. They can highlight where you haven’t been living up to who you believed you’d be.

That’s because dreams aren’t a final destination. They’re a stepping stone to doing and being more.

The problem is most of us hinge our happiness to the trappings of the dream – the car, beach house, waist size, bank balance – instead of the core of the desire.

To feel ease. To be healed. To find peace.

Have you ever had the experience where you got exactly what you needed even though it’s not at all what you thought you wanted?

Two weeks ago I met a man traveling through town on business. Sounds ordinary enough, except he wasn’t just an ordinary man.

He was a man I’d seen once before in a dream.

It was 2011, I was living in New Zealand, and my partner and I had just decided we’d marry. That night, a blonde, curly-haired surfer in Australia appeared in my dreams and said: “Don’t stop now. He’s not the one; I am.”

Imagine my surprise then when I came face-to-face with this man, not on some beach frolicking in the sun, but in Syracuse, NY, on a very average Saturday.

What does it mean when a dream quite literally comes true?

Almost always not what you think it does…

The easy interpretation would be that I met the man of my dream (literally) and this is who I’ll marry.

But that seems as unlikely as it is unusual.

So then what? What happens when your dreams come true?

You get a chance to grow.

In two weeks, knowing this person helped me discover and resolve a painful pattern I’d let run my life for 23 years.

Knowing him hurt me. A lot.

His very existence triggered everything I’d been trying to understand, release, and move beyond for decades without even realizing it.

Dreams can be deceptive.

You might want the lesson to be the obvious, joy-filled answer. But the lesson you get is the one you need most.

The truth is – I don’t desire a husband beyond all else. I desire healing and peace so that I can feel whole in myself.

So through the guise of the one person who’d be sure to catch my attention, I was gifted my deepest healing.

What are you deepest dreams? Look beyond the nice cars and personal chefs – what do you truly desire for yourself? 

Are you living those feelings now?

Be honest with yourself. Then do one thing each day to feel that fullness.

Because it’s your actions that will get you to your dreams, not the vision alone.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!