As much as you may not like it, here is an unavoidable truth: pain motivates change.

Because people don’t interrupt their routine, daily lives to try something new and different unless they are extremely motivated by either the promise of the reward or the pain of the present.

This is why weight loss infomercials start with faded images of people feeling fat, sluggish, and depressed. It’s why phrases like “Are you tired of your boring old…” have become cliche in sales. It’s also why you’re seeing massive political demonstrations in the U.S. – pain motivates change.

Humans have a high tolerance for discomfort if it means being able to stay safe in your comfort zone and routine. But once you’ve hit your pain threshold, you are motivated to change your circumstances no matter what it takes to change.

If you’ve been dreaming about changing your life for a while now but haven’t taken action yet, ask yourself these two questions:

– Is your desire for your new vision clear and strong?
– Is your current situation sustainable?

Because if you cringe at the idea of being stuck in the same job or life a year from now, but still aren’t taking action, then you’re hitting one or more blocks:

– You don’t know what to do to fix it
– You’re afraid of what change might mean / what you’ll have to do
– You’re not sure what you want instead
– You don’t believe success is possible for you

But here’s the thing –> these are all solvable problems!

Feeling stuck in your life and trapped by your job or finances are NOT fixed facts – you can change them! 

The key is to get really clear on when enough is enough for you:

When will you say no more to what’s not working and yes to your dreams?
When will you decide you can’t take one more second of your own b.s. and stand up for what you know you truly meant to do?
When will you stop listening to your fears and embrace what brings you joy instead?

All of these decisions are up to you.

We all get busy. We all get confused. We all get overwhelmed and doubt ourselves.

But if you want it, you’ve gotta decide the discomfort of facing those fears and changing is worth more than the soul-level devastation of staying the same.

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Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!