In The Dangerous Old Woman, Dr. Pinkola Estes challenges you to use your gifts regardless.

Regardless of what others think.
Regardless of who gets jealous and fails to celebrate your success.
Regardless of who can’t love you in your bigness.

Because your gifts are your legacy. That unique combination of talent, experience, and meaning that trickle into you for you to create something beautiful in the world.

Think about your life right now today – are you using your gifts?

Are you infusing your divinely-inspired creative talents fully into the world? Or are you being good at what you do – rising to the occasion but allowing the occasion to define what’s possible and likely?

Gifts don’t have to mean skills like drawing or writing. You could give the gifts of listening, healing, or creating hope in the hearts of those who need reminding.

Bigness doesn’t have to mean fame, either. It can be the gentle flow of acceptance – allowing your uniqueness to move into every moment.

If you hit up on the question – what are my gifts? How do I know what I bring to the world? Then feel deeper.

The most common hurdle people face is treasuring their talents only in terms of societal value. But that sells yourself short.

Because what value can you put to the strength of Gandhi’s character? What salary did Nelson Mandela’s resolve earn?

Some things cannot be measured by other people’s limited assumptions about what the world needs.

Follow you. Your deeper inklings. Your true calling.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!