Have I told you you’re magnificent yet this week? Because you are.

Roll your eyes and click off this page all you want – it won’t change the truth.

You are perfect.

You might not remember it easily when you’re running between the computer, car, TV, and bed, with family greetings squeezed in between. It might feel like you’re failing instead.

Like you’re meant to do something more than ferry your body from obligation to obligation. And you’re right; you are.

You’re meant to be happy. Loved and loving, too.

Content that each day is enough and the meaning you seek is the meaning you give.

But whatever you’re feeling today is okay too. You can feel mediocre and still be phenomenal.

Because your feelings sometimes lie. They forget to remember you’re your own worst critic. They casually slip on grey-colored glasses and make even your brightest moments dim.

But I’m here to remind you of your brilliance.

Like my college boyfriend who every day asked if he’d said I was beautiful, I’m here to tell you “You are”.

You are the only person you’ll ever be, so please – let that be enough.

Like the vivacious Lana Schlafer says – be full of yourself. Because who else should and would you be full of?

YOU are your own gift.
YOU are who’s here to love and heal you.
YOU are the man or woman of your life.

So let down the veil. Burn down your walls. Open to the magic and mystery of all that you and me – that we and this – is.

You’re safe here. You’ve got your back.

So let go and breathe. Smile.

This too is enough.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!