This may come as a shock to you, but I don’t always wish you well.

I can hear you now – but why? What did I do?

It’s not anything you did per se; it’s what you’re not doing.

Let me explain.

I’m a nice person. I don’t just give lip-service to that; I mean it. I’m a deeply caring, considerate, kind, compassionate woman.

But my superpower is being able to see the best in you, and sometimes I feel like I want your best more than you do.

I say that because I see you chugging along – working away in an okay role, satisfied with being mostly happy and moderately comfortable. Maybe you’re slightly overweight or over-worked. Maybe you wish you had more time for your kids, romance, or travel.

The seductive power of “just alright” has its hold on you.

I get it.

It’s easier to live just like everyone else. Have a job, buy a house, vacation once a year if you’re lucky. You have models of how to live like that all around you – your colleagues, neighbors, maybe even your spouse and parents.

But if deep down you know you want something more – something different – then the same old, same old may feel more like doing time than living.

I’m not saying you have to quit. I’m not saying you have to move or get divorced. I’m saying you have to want it.

You have to be so alive, so driven, so inspired, that you know whatever life you’re living is the one you most want to have – the one you did anything and everything to create.

But who wants to rock the “mostly happy” boat when the promise of an “ecstatic” life seems so elusive and uncertain?

Easy – people in pain.

If you’re anything like me, to take action, you’ve got to be so fed up, so frustrated, so annoyed, and so incredibly tired of feeling bad, that you have no other choice but to change.

You tolerate, tolerate, tolerate to the point of unbearable and then – and ONLY then – you do anything in your power to feel better.

That’s why I don’t wish you well.

I want you to hurt. I want you to be so angry, so disappointed, and so disillusioned that you finally break out of the trance of “good enough” and step up to claim your true power.

Because you have to want it.

I can’t do it for you. You have to be the change.

So take your time. Live your life. Enjoy the easy. But when you feel that itch – when you know you’ve had enough of just okay – then drop me a line.

I’ll be waiting with a hand outstretched to help you leap.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU.